22 June 2012


 Oh our full-of-life Walker boy!  You are six today.  Six!  I won't ask you how this happened, because I think I know; but goodness, you are just growing so fast.

You totally rocked age 5.  You started kindergarten even though I was certain I couldn't handle it.  God and your daddy talked me off that ledge, but I sure {secretly} hoped that by the 2nd week you'd be miserable and I could keep you home with me longer.  But as is often the case, God and Daddy were right and you thrived at school.  You excelled in the classroom and on the playground.  I am almost positive that you know everyone in K and 1st grade... and you don't just recognize them, you know their name and which classroom they are in.  Somehow at age 5 you have already started investing in people.  And your daddy, big brother, and I all marvel at this.

And son.  I can't begin to tell you how amazing it has been to see you as a big brother.  If I'm honest, I'll have to admit that I was so worried about how you would do with two new brothers.  More worried than I should've been.  But once again, God asked me to trust Him with your heart.  And He showed me marvelous things.  You are patient.  And you want to help so much.  Just this week I watched you building blanket forts with your brothers, and I listened to them giggle as you played.  They think you are a pretty awesome big brother!  You have grown in so many ways, and it has been such an honor to watch you stretch your big brother wings to fly!  What joy!

You enjoy the simple things, and help the rest of us enjoy them too.  The only thing you were adamant about wanting for your birthday was balloons.  BALLOONS!  You continually amaze me with your grateful, contented heart.  I pray God continues to nurture gratefulness and contentedness deep down in your soul. 
Your energy is seemingly endless, your laughter is contagious.  You bring joy along with you.  I have no doubt that God has big things planned for you in this year of 6.  I'm sure He'll have to ask me again and again to trust Him with His timing in your life, and I pray I keep learning that lesson well.  I love this adventure with you!