29 August 2008

this week -- with pictures!

watch out geek squad... I googled this here camera that I borrowed and figured out how to "finalize" the disc to get the pictures off. Next thing you know, I will be designing my own internet... or something geek-squady like that.

Here are the pics, that sort of go with the last post... Walker has fallen for these safety goggles, even wanted to wear them for his nap the other day.He is very independent these days, and likes to put on his own 'flop-flops.' Not always on the right feet...See I told you he got off of the bus happy...here are some pics of their room after I moved it around the other day (the day the camera broke)

and here are Wil & Gavin at the spray park on post

and all three of them running around
Today was the 'all-school' walk, so Barbie joined Walker & I to accompany Wil's class on the walk... oh good times... Here is Wil working on coloring with GREEN, GREEN the DANCING QUEEN...We walked a half mile to a playground and when we got there Walker thought he was one of the big kids...Barbie snapped this shot of us, Wilson was long gone... I gotta hand it to these Kindergarten teachers, there were nearly 100 five-year-olds on this playground and they were very well behaved and followed the rules smashingly well. The only issue was the two kids that got stung by wasps... you can't really blame the teachers for that though. (Oh and the mom that was asking a soldier for a cigarette...weird!)

Now I haven't been able to verify this anywhere, but I think maybe, just possibly, Senator McCain found out that I wasn't quite sure how I felt about him as I stated yesterday. And I think, like I said - I haven't confirmed this; but I think he may have selected Gov. Palin as his VP pick just so I would say I ♥ McCain. (Maybe he thought I wasn't the only one that was uncertain...) Anyway, I nearly missed my big girls' lunch because I was watching her speak. Good stuff, y'all. Plus, HOOAH, her son is in the Army. Can you say PAY RAISE?? Just kidding, apparently she doesn't roll with self-serving corruption in government offices. Can I get an amen?

ps. I am having some technical difficulty with Picasa and wasn't able to edit any of my pictures. maybe I am not cut out for the geek squad afterall... shucks!

28 August 2008

this week--without pictures

I am apparently unable to blog well without my pictures... and I just didn't feel like sketching tonight, as an artist I really must feel my work before I can put it on paper... I am sure that was obvious from my last post.

Barbie & Curry loaned me one of their camera's but for some reason ding-dong can't figure out how to get the pictures off of the little round disc onto the computer. So, I will tell you a few things about our days...

I did take pictures of Wilson happily getting off the school bus today. (To prove that it could be done).

We went to the spray park after school today with Gavin & Nicole. It is nice to have them back in town...even though poor Gavin has to wait for-ev-er to play with Wilson.

I still ♥ PWOC. Oh, that place blesses me each week. We started our studies this week (well, met our groups and got our books) and half - let me say it again- HALF the ladies are new in my class. I think that is SO cool!

I cooked more food for the freezer. 5 ground beef recipes which translates to 10 meals in the freezer (some split 3 ways and some split 2). I will admit, the meatballs & sauce smelled gross and they may end up at a potluck. (Oooohhh, that's kinda mean, huh?) Also, Wilson LOVES meatloaf and this recipe was all-healthy-and-what-not and had shredded carrots and zucchini, so he may not be thrilled with that choice. But the others looked & smelled yummy. And we ate one that was really delish. (Tortilla Casserole or some such). This week we have eaten really well and I haven't had to spend much time in the kitchen after Wil gets home so I am LOVIN' this!

Also, Brad should be back at his regular place later tonight. He wasn't exactly looking forward to that. He is hoping to work out details for his R&R dates. Praying God's will over it. I am getting so excited... trying to reign it in a bit for the sake of these cute little boys that I haven't posted pictures of in a few days...

One last thing, I tried SUPER hard to like Barack Obama tonight. I liked the video intro. Teared up a bit when he mentioned the love of his life and my heartstrings were given a little tug when he talked about his girls. But, I gotta say, once he started talking politics, I was out. Just can't do it. With that said, I do, in the deep parts of my heart, believe he wants good things for America. He just has a very different idea of how to bring that about successfully. Very different he and I. But he loves his wife, loves his kids, and loves his country. For that, I can say I like him. But I do not ♥ him. (Sorry Barack. If it makes you feel better, I am not sure that I ♥ McCain either.)

25 August 2008

monday, monday

so, today was the first full day of Wilson at school ALL day and me not running around crazy... I decided to rearrange the boys' bedroom, while doing so, Walker decided to sort through the games... Isn't he a thoughtful & helpful little man??? Just trying to make my job easier I am sure *wink* I wanted to take a picture of the boys' room after Walker woke up from his nap. But he was kind of clingy, so we just sat on the bench and watched for Wilson's bus to come. Then Walker puked. (I attributed it to the Hidden Valley Ranch he ate with his carrots, I do believe he is allergic to something in that stuff.) After I got him cleaned up he wanted to sit in his stroller while we watched for the bus. Trouble is...he threw up in the stroller. So when I tipped the stroller over to spray it out, I flung the camera onto the sidewalk and the batteries flew out of it... Later when I put the batteries back in the camera, I was hopeful. It let me reset the date. Then it shut down. The lens doesn't move, just makes noise. I wanted to take a picture of it, so you smart blog readers could possibly diagnose the problem...but the camera doesn't work. So I drew one instead.
See the stroller...and the camera...and the batteries. What do you think? And if I can't get it fixed, do you think these types of drawings will suffice for keeping Brad up to date on the daily happenings around here???

At least I have Wilson's camera... I'll have to ask Walker where it is =) (By the way, he is feeling quite a bit better, rumor has it there is some sort of stomach bug going around; but I still think the HVR is suspect... oh, and if you are wondering, no, he did not have a fever).

24 August 2008

really, its the little things...

ok, you know by now that my hubs has been gone awhile, and low and behold--I miss him. Yes, its true. However, I do believe, wholeheartedly, that the God of the Universe is bigger than the Army and He is the one that has ordained this time. With that knowledge, I choose to find Him in my days rather than blathering on about how horrible & awful my life is...because in reality, its neither. With that said, God has been teaching me that the little things really matter.

Here is a phone call I got this weekend (Friday? I don't know, who says you have to keep track of your days anyway?)

Barbie: Hey, I am at Wal-Mart. They have dry erase boards that were $12.97 marked down to $2.50. I am trying to think who could use them...

Me: Well, I have been wanting to get a stop sign and a speed limit sign for the boys' room. They are $9.97. I want to wait until they are on clearance.

Barbie: Girl, they have 'em. They are $1.50 each.

Me: WHEE! Get me one of each please!

The boys love their signs. I hope to hang them in their room tomorrow...

But with that said. Its not about the Dry-Erase signs on clearance. Its about the blessing of friendship. And man, have I been blessed (again, not about the stuff...). I am thankful for my friends. Thankful that they value a good bargain, but more thankful that they love my Father and encourage me in my walk with Him. What a shame it would be if I missed this blessing of friendship because I was too busy feeling sorry for myself...

23 August 2008

mowing buddy

he takes after Daddy in this regard too...safety first! (Brad did tell me a few phone calls ago that I should wear my sunglasses if I ever figure out the weed-eater --which is highly unlikely this deployment...) Walker never did seem to get the afternoon fever today, earlier Wilson was 99 and Walker was 99.4, so I figured his was on the way up. But thankfully, they were both fine. Wil went to the swim party and Walker and I took a nap. We needed it after all that mowing!

22 August 2008

round here...

if you can't beat 'em join (but be careful when you do...) we broke crayons the other night and organized 'em in an egg crate (one of my friend's told me she saw this in her son's K classroom). So, as I was ripping the paper off one of the last crayons, I asked Wilson, "Are the crayons in your classroom broken?" He looked at me sort of puzzled and said, "NO." So apparently the note was district-wide, but not all the classrooms are participating... at least we can practice proper-small-utensil-grip at home... we got our FREE welcome home banner in the mail this week. This company was offering free full color 3'x5' banners for service members' families... all we had to pay was shipping which was about $7.51!
here is Wilson's morning routine guide... thankfully Yaya had brought some printable magnets from the dollar tree along with her. We photographed his routine last weekend and printed these babies up for Monday morning. It helped A TON! Instead of nagging, I could just ask him how many magnets he had left to move (he moves them down below the arrow each morning as he finishes each step...the arrows were my leftover guidelines from my latest uppercase living project).
Speaking of my latest uppercase living project, I got the entryway done! Technically, I did get the word "freedom" free from the last party I ordered from, and then I got the words "isn't free" for free from my party... but you do get the meaning, right?
and we are trying to get settled into our routine...Wilson did have a sick day today, and tonight Wally started with the fever too. I am glad we switched pizza & a movie night to tonight, although we might end up watching another one tomorrow if the boys are too sick for the pool party (bummer, I TOTALLY hate to miss a pool party...oh, you sense the sarcasm?)
Hoping & praying that this fever-thing doesn't take a turn for the worse for either boy... And I mentioned in the last post that I have been busy this last week or so, but I can't believe I missed this... I think our neighbors moved. We share a wall, we live in a duplex; how could I have missed this? In my defense, I DID notice their fence was down yesterday, and I thought maybe their poor dog died. But tonight a crew came and cleaned up the yard... I will have to do some recon tomorrow... but if I am right in this conclusion, could y'all start praying for our new neighbors?? Preferably the type that don't make fun of people that mow with allergy masks on...and no, those are NOT the ones that moved, naturally.

21 August 2008

oh, have I overlooked something?

...like updating the blog. To say I have been busy would be an understatement. And besides, my most favorite reader has been away from the internet this week... But, our PWOC kick-off was today, and I have been hearing the Hallelujah Chorus in my brain all afternoon. It went well, very well, and I was not the least little bit stressed as the program unfolded. I was just blessed to be able to take part in it...

But, with the preparations for the Kick-Off program, I have been negligent in my photo-taking, and since some of you might be experiencing withdrawals of cutey-patooty-ness; I thought I would post some pics mom took last week... she's pretty good with a camera =)

Here are some shots she took of Walker while Wilson was at his first day of school...I swear he is growing up into little boy faster than possible. Vocabulary is exploding...and oh yeah, the potty training...HE ROCKS (he takes after his daddy I guess-- the 'rocks' part, y'all) He just wears a diaper to bed these days...and for naps if he is on Barbie's bed

Here we are in GeoTrax land. Wilson associates Yaya with GeoTrax and they always get set-up when she is here. The track was so big all three of us could run our trains at the same time. We have continued to do this in the evenings this week - after dinner, before baths. I think a project for the weekend will be to move the track to the living room and put away the Little Peeps for awhile...

Wilson picked out a shelf at Hobby Lobby (poor kid, he wasn't much into Hobby Lobby that day), and he wanted to make it with Yaya. So he stayed home with Yaya Sunday while Wally and I went to church. They painted on the patio......and here is the finished project before school Monday morning. Yaya made it out safely Tuesday, only delayed one day (which probably felt like 10 to her, because she was here for our folder-stuffing, tile-making day...and the toddlers that come along with the respective women on the planning team!)

The bus has been growing on Wilson. He did tell me tonight before bed that it is too bumpy. And that sometimes it feels like it is going to tip over... hmmm...

He will probably be using his first sick day tomorrow. He has been running a little fever in the afternoon, but in the morning he is fine. But today was the third time, so I am going to get him to the doc tomorrow.

And, I am very optimistic about his teacher... I could fill a few more screens on this, but let's just say we are blessed. And Wilson told me he has made one friend so far, his name - Abraham. Awww... really, I love that name...

As for my most favorite reader, I have heard from him more often than I expected while he has been in Uganda. He is enjoying being in a new place and says it is beautiful. I asked him if he was falling in love with Uganda... He has been in a smaller town during the week and will be back in the town where he went rafting for the weekend. He is well & I am thankful. (I have been using his deodorant the last few days just to smell him... just wanted to see who was still reading, but yes, that is a true statement)

Ok, perhaps, just maybe, I can get back to more timely posts in a day or so...

17 August 2008

sesame street live...

...came to our post on Saturday. Woo-Hoo! Here are the boys & Yaya before the show, with their spinning toys and bag-o-freebies! Wilson was watching intently
Elmo and friends were shakin' their tails (well, technically, I don't think they have tails)
We all enjoyed the show!
Oh, I think I forgot to mention that it was TOTALLY free! Thanks to Sesame Street and the USO. Isn't that fantastic? Oh, the spinning toys were free too... and postcards to send to Daddy, and stickers, and temporary tattoos...

15 August 2008

we have lift-off!

here we are before we head out the door... (it was not intentional that we were both looking at something across the street, this was the best pic on my camera; I haven't seen Yaya's morning pictures yet). Wilson wanted to ride the bus to school, but when I found out that it gets to school half an hour early for breakfast I made a compromise with Wilson... I would drive him in the morning & he could ride the bus home.
Sitting with his classmates before school started...
Ok, seriously, I was so nervous waiting for the bus. Mom took more than one picture of me twisting a paper clip in my fingers (I am Bernice's granddaughter). And Walker could hardly wait for brother to come home!
Here he comes... looks like he's happy...
... he still looks pretty happy, right?
and this would be the picture of him saying in his sternest voice, "I am NEVER getting on THAT again!"
And there was not much joy or talking on the way home...

Finally, I got it out of Wilson that there were too many kids talking on the bus and it was TOO noisy! I asked if the bus driver had to yell at everyone and he said 2 times to tell the kids to sit down. We were the only ones waiting at the stop, but about 12 kids got off.

THANKFULLY, he LOVED the rest of the day! He peed twice, ate all his lunch, saw three other teachers, got a hug from Mrs. Colby (his old TALK aide), and colored. That is all the info I have gotten out of him thus far.

Brad was able to IM from his hotel room so he did make it safely to Uganda. I have no idea what the time difference is there, but he is planning on RAFTING THE NILE tomorrow. How cool! And while IM'ing I asked Wilson what he wanted me to tell Daddy about his day and he said, "Tell him, I loved it." And I asked him, what about the bus? And he said, "Tell him I hated it. Too noisy." So, there it is in a nutshell. One day done...

Oh, and for inquiring minds. Very. few. tears. Most of them stayed within my eyes. On the way to school, for the sake of my excited little man, I held them in--I did not want to burst his bubble! And on the way home, well, I kind of had that peaceful feeling flood over me, and I thought to myself, the same God that got me through dropping Brad off to deploy is certainly more than able to carry me through this. And really, in that perspective, it made it a whole lot easier to drive away from that school. Knowing he was right there, exactly where he should be... and that he would be home in his bed tonight, exactly where he should be. He is good. All the time.

14 August 2008


WOW! Poor Yaya has arrived during a crazy time around this house. Thankfully she has helped me get a lot done! Yesterday morning I did some 'cooking for a month.' I used a book that Barbie found at a thrift store and then gave to me called Frozen Assets, lite & easy. The book is broken down in 'sessions' and I did one session with five recipes yesterday. The author gives you a shopping list and prep directions. The recipes are frozen before they are finished cooking, so they do not taste like leftovers when you cook them (I'll get back to you on that). At first I thought it would be handy for when Brad is home on R&R so I don't have to spend much time in the kitchen, but then I realized how nice it will be for while Wil is in school, so I can spend more time with him at the end of his day. (By the way, there weren't any cream soups in the recipes, and I think we are going to save a bit of money too! There was quite a bit of fresh produce too!)

here is a picture of me prepping my 'chicken session.' I was oh-so-Rachel-Ray with my garbage bowl (in the middle). here is one of the recipes, Cheddar Chicken. The recipe recommends serving it over egg noodles, but I think it would be really yummy on baked potatoes too.
And here is the freezer-full. 10 meals in three hours! (I am only cooking for one adult and two little ones, so the recipes stretch pretty far for us).
Sometimes I give the grandparents a hard time because they buy our boys so much junk (and by junk, I really mean wonderful things). But the truth is, my grandparents spoiled me pretty well growing-up. And this package of Michigan sweet corn, shows that my Granny is STILL spoiling me... guess I should lay off on my boys' grandparents!
Tonight we had Wilson's open house at school and we got to meet his teacher. I am quite certain that I was more nervous than Wilson when we walked in the building! It was wonderful though, and I am finally really excited for him!

Is he not the picture of confidence? He really is ready!
Walker wanted to stay too!
celebrate is in quotes, hmmm....
I think I am ready too. More or less because God told me so, and not so much because of my own preferences...
But, who am I to argue with the Almighty. He is good, all the time.
And if you remember, please pray for Brad. He is travelling to Uganda in the next 24 hours. He will be there for a few weeks. I don't know how much we will be able to communicate while he is there. I am really excited for this opportunity to do some 'medic stuff' and also to see another part of the world...and possibly fall in love with the people and want to move there and become missionaries and...oops, am I making my own plans again?

12 August 2008

yaya's arrival

Sunday, Yaya arrived for another visit (she had to come hold my hand when Wilson starts school on Friday). We met Jenn & family in Oklahoma City before heading over to the train station. We went to a spray park...
...the boys thought it was SO cool!
Then we had a pizza picnic, and I forgot to take anymore pictures...
...until we got to the train station in Norman.
Walker covered his ears the first time the whistle blew. Wilson got more & more excited every time he heard it.
It got really LOUD as it came into the station...
but it was fun to watch its arrival!
And even better when we found Yaya!