27 September 2008


the pictures tell the story pretty well, so I won't narrate tonight... (THANK YOU BARBIE & LOGAN for coming to the airport!)

Brad is tucking the boys in right now... I had a feeling a couple of you might come looking for some of these priceless pics tonight =) Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate them all!


just a little prep around the house... (there is a story about getting this banner up, but there is no time now... my hair is seriously F-R-I-Z-Z-Y!) the ol' Aztec even got spruced up for the homecoming!
Wil painting a flag...
and you know, I just had to...
we are leaving for the airport in about an hour and a half! SO exciting!! (and yes, my hair is going to need some SERIOUS attention between now and then - you know that is what Brad will notice first ;) )

26 September 2008

what's been goin' on round here the last few days...

Walker LOVES our free potato masher... he helped me make some banana choc chip muffins & some banana bread on Wednesday. He is very serious when working in the kitchen. Very. Oh, here are some pics from our program on Thursday at Bible study. I had so much help setting everything up...
Oh, this is my ex-friend, Nicole. You know, Gavin's mom. Unfortunately we won't be able to hang out anymore because someone asked me the other day... get ready... IF SHE WAS MY DAUGHTER! My daughter. Yes, I am 4 years older than her, but still. Do you think people think Brad is my oldest son???? Farewll, Nicole, its been nice knowin' ya...
And here's a close-up of all the goodies and fabric and what-not...
Honestly, all the fru-fru stuff is not my thing. But, this is the job God called me to. And I stress to my team that we MUST keep God the focus and let Him lead us. Hence, we go with simple. Very simple decor.

I am not certain that I will be able to give yesterday's program justice if I try to describe it. Can I just tell y'all that God is good. He is so good. He knew I would need something to focus on and work hard at during this very exciting (!!!) time in our family. And yet, He also knew that I would be a little distracted and scattered. He met all the needs beautifully, wonderfully... as He ALWAYS does!

Our theme was "Beautiful Feet," based on a scripture from Isaiah (52:7). Some detail-changes came up last minute and I got to speak and share a word with the ladies. I first began by thanking everyone for seeing an invitation that said, "Beautiful Feet" and having faith to come on out anyway! From there on though, I must say the Holy Spirit truly spoke through me, and guarded my mind from distracting my heart. It was humbling and exciting. We had a great discussion time at each of the tables afterwards which was followed by another woman giving her testimony about working in the prison ministry (wow!!). At the end another lady on our team closed with a prayer of salvation... and one lady in our presence met Jesus for the first time yesterday. So amazing to see how the Lord used so many different women to draw one to Himself.

Here is another reference of that verse in the new testament...

How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things" Romans 10:14-15

What a blessing to be a part of this Bible study! What a treasure!

As for the rest of the time until Brad arrives... my friend Jenn is coming over this afternoon with her boys so all the boys can play. Then later we are going to watch the Debates (if they are still going to be on... haven't watched any news today). We are sort of dorks but are trying to pull Barbie into the political fun tonight as well!

Fresh tortilla chip-buying
etc, etc, etc

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Thank you for your continued prayers....

25 September 2008


Please keep Brad in your prayers as he travels. He will be leaving Friday morning (our time) and will be arriving here Saturday night. So a long couple of days for him - add to it the anticipation of seeing his boys and his wife!! Pray for rest. Pray that he would be able to eat decent food at appropriate times. Pray for discernment when he encounters people that "no speaka' da englis" He will be going through Ethiopia & France & Dallas.

Thank you!

(Perhaps tomorrow I will post some more... lots going on the last few days. LOTS! And God is good in all of it. So good, so good!)


23 September 2008


Ok, my friend Amy did a tidy little post about her Tuesday in the form of a list of seven. And because I am so giddy and what-not (you know why I am giddy right, I did tell you that Brad will be here on Saturday, right??? Ok good, just double checkin!), I thought this would be a nice way for me to go about posting this evening... here goes.

1. Taught Wilson how to use a little (toothpaste amount) hair gel to get his little front part to stick up (he is REALLY into this right now & today was school picture day!!).

2. Took big girl to get her hair cut in preparation for The Man to come home.

3. Found out that there is a GIANT spider on the loose in the Aztec and was rather creeped out about it every time I re-entered the vehicle. The discovery was made while the 70 lb dog was on the leash and the 26 lb toddler was on my hip. No chance of killing a spider under those circumstances... and it was one of those fast, stealthy kind... Oh, and it made its appearance known by dropping from the ceiling and brushing by my bangs EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (not the good kind of shrieking).

4. Took Walker to the doctor because in his words, "my ear bugging me." One tube is barely hanging on and there is a lot of fluid behind it. Thankfully there isn't an infection yet, but the doc gave us a script - justincase. And some sudafed to try and clear things up before an infection starts...

5. Picked up a few things around the house. While Walker got a few things out...

6. Went to pick big girl up from her haircut but had to turn around half-way there because I forgot the 'pet supplies' envelope. And heaven knows her haircuts cost a whole lot more than mine =) So we turned around, got her $$$, and headed back out.

7. Chased big girl up the street and between the fences after Walker accidentally let her out the front door. Apparently she thinks she is all that in her new haircut!

Yeah, Amy's post was much tidier than mine...

22 September 2008

so SO excited...

and then some.

Of course, because Brad is coming home for R&R; but also because of all that God is showing to me during this time. Oh my. He is so good at teaching us about Him through our circumstances. For weeks... possibly months now... this song has been in my head, in my heart, etc. I could listen to it over and over (and have).

The line that really gets me, "Am I doing everything to follow your will? Or just climbing aimlessly over these hills?" Oh that gets me...

Brad sent some of his birthday stuff home, books & movies to share with me (he's good at sharing). And I loved a book by John Eldridge, Waking the Dead. I was surprised when I started my Bible study book, Having a Mary Spirit; that the two books would reinforce so much of what the other says...

I know, I know, if the books are biblically based they should reinforce one another, but that isn't always the case. Thankfully this time it is the case...

I can see God working mightily in my heart. I know He has been working in Brad's heart as well. I am excited to be able to talk over these things in person - some things just don't work over the phone or via email. (well lots of things, but we'll just stick with God-changing-hearts-conversations.)

I don't want to try to type everything out in this post, but I do want to encourage you all to examine your opinion of your heart. Do you think it is a sinner's heart? Or do you think it has been redeemed? Here are just a few thoughts to ponder (in all your free time...)

The Lord their God will save them on that day as the flock of His people. They will sparkle in His hand like jewels in a crown. How attractive and beautiful they will be! Zechariah 9:16-17

Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. Psalm 34:5

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brillant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us...And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. -Nelson Mandela (from Waking the Dead)

Too often, I fear, we Christians settle for this fish-out-of-water kind of existence. "Well, I'm just a sinner saved by grace," we gasp, as though that somehow excuses and explains away our spastic, flip-floppy behavior- almost holy one moment, completely unholy the next. As though Christ's coming and dying did nothing more than secure for us a place in heaven. As though spiritual mediocrity is the best we can hope for here on earth. As though God created us to be captives even though everything in the Bible says we've already been set free. -Joanna Weaver (from Having a Mary Spirit).

I'm not there, y'all. But I am pressing on... giving in to something heavenly!

21 September 2008

hold on to your hats...

...what's a new blog post without a picture of one of Walker's crazy (outfit) concoctions? My other question is, do I start to worry now???? And if not now, when?
Wilson is practicing his joyous smile for Daddy. We will probably be rehearsing our happy dances all week! There is going to be a Lutz Jamboree here next weekend! (Did I mention we are getting excited for Daddy to come back? Oh, I did...)
Wil has been organizing in preparation for Daddy's return. This, of course, is only done willingly when it is HIS to-do-list and not mine! He spent nearly an hour in his bedroom yesterday and then a long time getting his train tracks just right today.
Oh! I did warn you to hold on to your hats, right? Mr. WildMan went potty and when I heard the flush I wondered what he was doing (he usually just runs in and out on his little potty - no flushing involved). All I could do was turn around and grab the camera! This was no accident - spiderman swim goggles, a Lincoln Log corral gate, and Wilson's Jr. hat...
...at least he said "sorry." Maybe he did accidentally drop it all because of the SOCKS ON HIS HANDS!
thankfully nothing (that I know of) actually went down the toilet. I half blame the Kohler commercial with the man, the lady plumber, and the bag of dog food in the toilet - you know the one??? (Which, by the way, I have always hated because of the premise, but now I can hate it even more!)

18 September 2008

this, that, and the other...

this is what I am resorting too... thankfully the list doesn't say, Wilson or Walker (yet)! Here is the big man chillin' on the couch with his sunglasses on his head (of course)
Tonight Wilson's school had a family walk so we headed over there after dinner. Nicole & Gavin came with us...
Apparently Wil & Gavin were really into this as they quickly left us in their dust!
Here is a picture of our beef pot pie from the other night... Sunday Pot Roast leftovers... so easy, so yummy! (I posted the recipe on the other blog).

check out Brad's blog today. Click here...

16 September 2008

as promised...

...haircut pictures! They look so old right after a fresh cut! And this was a quick one too... we drove from the commissary to Suzy's... it was 4:55 sometime along the way. We were backing out of our parking spot after the haircuts at 5:08! Wow, they don't mess around at Suzy's (well, technically, rumor has it that they do in the backroom -- but we don't go back there...)

15 September 2008

sentence fragments

sorry I forgot to take haircut pictures today... remind me to get the camera out tomorrow.

And while you are at it, remind me:

  1. to make an extra pot of coffee as soon as I drink mine

  2. to call and make an appointment for mussy's hair

  3. to make a grocery list & meal plan

  4. to NEVER leave decomposing grass in a cardboard box in the garage (ewww)

I could keep going (probably) but I can't remember anything else right now.

My brain is on stand-by.

We are getting excited around these parts.

Time is c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g.

I mean c--r--a--w--l--i--n--g.


I imagine its worse for Brad. EEEEEEEEEEEE... we are excited! Super.

I don't think Walker quite understands what it means, but Wilson keeps telling him anyway. So adorable.

We covet your prayers. As we prepare. As we plan. As we wait...

Hopefully I will have pictures to post tomorrow. =)

14 September 2008

driving Miss Mommy...

Driving with these two is getting to be really fun... You know, just around post or occasionally an adventure to Wal-Mart or Suzy's (maybe some hair cut pics tomorrow)...

So, in the car from the back seat, I hear:

Wilson ask, with a touch of disgust in his voice, "What? You just turned without turning on your blinker?" He's 5! (Who notices that??? From that angle, with the radio on???)

Walker insists, "go Mom go!" at every red light. I have tried explaining the red light phenomena to him, but he just replies, "GO Mom GO!" So, now I just rear-end the other drivers to prove my point - oh, I am kidding, but that might have happened once in my mind.

13 September 2008

first thing & last thing...

here is Walker, first thing this morning - candy & snow boots... what a way to start your day! and the last thing before daddy's video and bedtime... I had the boys pose with my free potato masher and coupon - plus 10 $1 coupons for frozen mashed potatoes (not sure why you would need a masher for pre-mashed potatoes, but I don't have one, so I am happy). All because I signed up with SheSpeaks...
aren't they so cute all cleaned up after their bath??? and they smell good too... just a couple weeks until daddy can breathe in all that sweetness (and witness all the silliness first hand!)

12 September 2008

ugly dumplings

I tried this recipe a few weeks ago from this blog. It worked so well that we knew we would have to do it again. Fun, simple, yum! What could be better? I tried to do step-by-step pictures for you, Barbie, but I missed some... (perhaps while Walker was putting my sunglasses in the microwave). Nonetheless, it is easy and kids dig it! This is all you need...

  • 1 tube of refrigerated biscuits

  • 1 apple or pear (or peach) chopped

  • 2 T sugar

  • 1/4 t cinnamon

  • 2 T cold butter, chopped into bits

  • 1 T melted butter

Ok, technically, we started with Pillsbury Recipe Creations dough because I had a coupon so it was cheap. We rolled it out and cut it into 8 equal parts. Then we flattened them out with a little flour on the hands and the counter to prevent sticking...

Next, you add 1T of chopped fruit to the center. Dot with butter...

Next sprinkle with the cinnamon & sugar mixture (notice how evenly the butter was dotted in this one...)

You fold them closed however you can. Use a bit of water to moisten if necessary... Then brush with the melted butter... (Oops, did I forget to tell you to grease your muffin pan?)Next, bake them at 375 for 11-13 minutesLet cool. Enjoy. Simple, easy, yummy... maybe not that healthy, but that's ok once in awhile, right? Oh, and besides microwaving my sunglasses (he didn't actually turn it on); Walker was eating peaches while we were making these... He got two off the counter, ate half of one - then put it in the fridge. The other one, he also ate half - then put it on the couch (eww).


Walker has figured out that he can move his highchair in order to gain access to more places in the house... (I may have inadvertantly taught him this Tuesday when I had to change the battery in a smoke detector...oops) He was a'hopin' to get the goods before I walked back into the kitchen. Of course, he just tilted his head and squeaked with his highest-most-angelic-tiny-voice, "peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz", when I walked in.
And you know, if you give a mouse a candy... his big brother is gonna want one too!

11 September 2008

we remember (well, technically, I do...and tell them)

I got an email about 3 weeks ago about how everyone should fly a flag on September 11 as a sign of unity within our country... I seriously think post should just provide us with flags, but whatever... I nearly bought a flag and pole set for our front column; but I was going to go with the $9.99 one at Hobby Lobby and something tells me that wouldn't be the best quality flag...


this morning the boys' and I watched the Fox News September 11 tribute that was about 20 minutes long... As it happened, I tried to narrate as much as possible to help Wilson understand how terrible that day was... I told him that those airplanes had regular moms & dads on them; some grandpas and grandmas that might have been going to visit their grandkids. That some evil people that hate us just because we are America took those planes over. I told him that no one knew what would happen next. That we were scared. When there was an image of someone falling from one of the towers, I told him that those people knew they wouldn't be able to get out of the building because of the fire and that they thought jumping out might be their best choice. I told him about the moms & dads, sons & daughters on Flight 93 that made a decision to try to get their plane back and that they saved many peoples' lives because of their bravery. I told him that was the day that Daddy started thinking about joining the military.

Afterwards, they began the memorial at Ground Zero with a moment of silence and then the name-reading. Did you see it? It began with three children remembering their daddy. The eldest boy spoke first and said they were wearing soccer jersey's because they remember playing soccer in the front yard with their dad. He went on to list a few other things he remembered about his daddy. Then he said, "I wish I could remember more, but I was so young when he died." I think he was 6 when his daddy died.

And as I sat with my boys on the couch this morning; I realized how small our sacrifice is in comparison to those first losses in this war on terror...

I am proud to be an American. I am proud of my husband's choice to serve her. I am proud that God has chosen our family to walk this path.

We put our little flags out front after we got dressed. Our little flags that have waved at Uncle David's graduation, at Daddy's graduation and at a handful of parades.

We won't forget. And I am going to make sure these boys understand why this day is so important.

09 September 2008

uhm... wow!

Wilson got this letter today from an organization that is called Kids Serve 2. (Or something like that. I can't find a website via google). I didn't get all the words in the photo above (or the whole letter because Daddy would've certainly got on and blacked out our address again!), but you get the idea. I couldn't finish reading it aloud to Wilson the first time because I got too choked up...

Sometime after dinner and before bed, Wilson said, "I can't believe I got that. I thought Daddy was the only hero in our family. I didn't know I was too..."

I can't type the words here to express how I felt or how I even feel now. Blessed is all that comes to mind.

So I am going to set some time aside tomorrow to see if there is already a program like the idea I mentioned yesterday. All your feedback was great, and I know there are more people out there that would like to support the troops & their families. If there is a program that is already sending cards to spouses then I will link it here... No sense re-inventing the wheel. If you find something, you can let me know too. I am certain this idea was laid upon our hearts by our Father and His timing is always perfect! So exciting!

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:23-24

08 September 2008

dear Army wife,

What do you think when you read that???

I have the great privilege (and challenge) of serving on the PWOC board this year. My main responsibility is to oversee the planning & details of our (nearly) monthly programs. However, I also get to be involved in other things as well. I recently sat down with our Inreach/Outreach team leader and we brainstormed ideas of how to bless our body and also how to bless our greater community. Those are some fun things to brainstorm! Oh my did we have the ideas...

One idea though, is big. Much bigger than she and I could do ourselves. We both feel an urgency to pursue it, but we are going to have to get many people on board and organized in order to make it fly. And oddly enough, you may be a part of it...

We are thinking of encouraging Americans to encourage the family members of deployed soldiers this holiday season - by sending one more Christmas card. One Christmas card from across the country to a lady you have never met... letting her know that a stranger prayed for her, her children, and her husband during this upcoming holiday season. I think its pretty simple. And I think it could be very powerful.

Think how fun it is to see which Christmas cards will come in the mail each day in December. Imagine an Army wife with a deployed soldier getting an envelope that says, "Dear Army Wife," with a return address from a state she has never been to! Don't you think she'll tear that thing right open? I know I would.

What do you think... if we can get the addresses and the approval on our end... do you think your church would pitch in with some cards for these families... we even talked about letting the children send pictures/card to the children. We might need about 3000 to cover our post this holiday season... Y'all I get chills and tears just thinking about it.

Sure its a small gesture, but I think it would send a huge message.

So, let me know in the comments what you think, perhaps if we have evidence of people wanting to do this it will make it easier to communicate the idea to those here on this end.

i started a second blog - more or less one with less of our personal information out there - this blog was started with the intent of keeping you (our family and friends) informed of what is going on in our lives and I don't want to hijack it from that original purpose. Besides, Barbie wants me to get a 'gig' writing in our ladies' newsletter at church, so I thought this would be a good way to get more writing practice under my belt... without making boring the family =)

so if you want, you can check it out. click here.

07 September 2008

sunday best...

...I just had to snap a couple of pictures of the boys after church today. Wilson HAD to wear his tie; therefore, he HAD to wear a long sleeve shirt. (Thankfully our church cranks the AC). seriously, cuties, huh?
then we got to do our first homework assignment of the year. I tried REALLY hard not to be THAT parent... you know the one that pulls out the scrapbooking box and diecuts for the "All About ME" poster. Thankfully, we have raised our little man to be an independent thinker and he prefers his own ideas to mine...
Of course, I had to make a mini-version for this guy or Wilson would've never gotten his work done!
And the finished product (see, I didn't do it for him!!! I'm so proud of myself- oh, and of course, of Wilson too...)
and Walker's finished product. Uhm, yes, that is a sock on his hand... Don't ask...