08 September 2008

dear Army wife,

What do you think when you read that???

I have the great privilege (and challenge) of serving on the PWOC board this year. My main responsibility is to oversee the planning & details of our (nearly) monthly programs. However, I also get to be involved in other things as well. I recently sat down with our Inreach/Outreach team leader and we brainstormed ideas of how to bless our body and also how to bless our greater community. Those are some fun things to brainstorm! Oh my did we have the ideas...

One idea though, is big. Much bigger than she and I could do ourselves. We both feel an urgency to pursue it, but we are going to have to get many people on board and organized in order to make it fly. And oddly enough, you may be a part of it...

We are thinking of encouraging Americans to encourage the family members of deployed soldiers this holiday season - by sending one more Christmas card. One Christmas card from across the country to a lady you have never met... letting her know that a stranger prayed for her, her children, and her husband during this upcoming holiday season. I think its pretty simple. And I think it could be very powerful.

Think how fun it is to see which Christmas cards will come in the mail each day in December. Imagine an Army wife with a deployed soldier getting an envelope that says, "Dear Army Wife," with a return address from a state she has never been to! Don't you think she'll tear that thing right open? I know I would.

What do you think... if we can get the addresses and the approval on our end... do you think your church would pitch in with some cards for these families... we even talked about letting the children send pictures/card to the children. We might need about 3000 to cover our post this holiday season... Y'all I get chills and tears just thinking about it.

Sure its a small gesture, but I think it would send a huge message.

So, let me know in the comments what you think, perhaps if we have evidence of people wanting to do this it will make it easier to communicate the idea to those here on this end.


  1. I have cards to donate & we would love to send some ourselves! What a great idea.

  2. I would be in on it too! Just let me know what to do! What a nice idea :)

  3. What an awesome idea!!! That could be a cool Sunday School project, too.

    Keep us posted on what the plans are.

  4. We have an awesome womens group at church and I know they would love to participate anyway they can. I know that they would love to pray for them as well and any needs or concerns that the wives might have. Great idea and a great way for those of us who aren't actively involved in the military to touch the lives of those who are. So many want to help but few know how. You have opened the door for many to "know how".

  5. the clements crew09 September, 2008 06:51

    I love the idea and I too, would ripe that envelope right open. To know that someone somewhere is thinking and praying for me while my husband serves our country is unimaginable... I never received anything like that. I would love to be a part of this wonderful idea. Let me know if you would like me to take this to LCS(Logan's school... each class has to perform a service project). I will also email all of my friends and family.... let me know once you get the info. Count us in!!! Thank you for thinking of the spouses in a time when you are one of the spouses that we are talking about... What a vessel you are being for the Lord!!!!