26 July 2007

Growing Puppy

The first picture is from the day we brought Muskoka home.

I snaped these pictures the other night.

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22 July 2007

Toys R Us Part I

We took Wilson to Wichita Falls, TX for his Birthday (because they have a Toys R Us).
He had a ball. We had to follow him around the store and listen to him say "follow the birthday kid."
For some reason he is always drawn to GM Cars!
Amanda wasn't to thrilled about me letting him drive the Jr Car through Toys R Us, but he had a great time.
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Toys R Us Part II

Here is the Gooftroop on the way out of the store.
Both boys had a long day, and couldn't make it home without falling asleep. Wilson didn't even finish his slush.
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19 July 2007


18 July 2007

A Big Boy Bike

His first glimpse of his new bike!

And of course he had to try it out in the house!
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and more Gifts

A Book from Aunt Rene', Uncle Bob & Cousin Jack

Dancing Eggs from Aunt Rene, Uncle Bob & Cousin Jack

A New Train Set from Great Grandpa & Grandma Rosencrantz
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Wilson's Birthday Gifts

We decided to let Wilson open his Gifts early because we are heading to Texas for the day, and he was sure excited to open them.

Opening a Gift from Aunt Rene', Uncle Bob & Cousin Jack

Opening a Gift from Great Grandpa & Grandma Rosencrantz
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Wilson & Walker opening Birthday Presents from Grandpa & Grandma Lutz

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17 July 2007

And the Fun Begins!

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Party Games

We bought squirt guns and the kids had to shoot the crepe paper until it got wet enough, and their animal crackers fell to the ground.

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Waiting for the Party to start.

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16 July 2007

Walker in the Pool

Here are some pictures of Walker Swimming with the boys last week.

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14 July 2007

Poolside II

Wilson became a daredevil and really enjoyed jumping off the diving board.

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Some friends from Church invited all of us to come over and use their pool on Tuesday afternoon. We all had a great time, and enjoyed the nice weather.

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