22 August 2014


Y'all!  I have felt behind all summer long.  You know that feeling of just not getting all-the-things-done?

Of course, we have had some major changes in our lives this summer, but even so, I sometimes forget to give myself grace -- and I forget to ask God to help me order my day.  That combination leaves me irritable, discontent, and rather edgy.  And once I land in that place, I heap a little guilt on top for being such a crabby-pants to everyone about everything.  I also tend to speak in sweeping generalizations. 

This week, though, I lifted my eyes up + out instead of in.  I stopped looking at the growing list of things-that-need-to-be-finished and asked God to speak truth to my heart.  (Via this song.  Daily.)

I feel the cloud lifting, the light shining, and the hope growing.  I had the lovely pleasure of sharing the story of Brad's job hunt with a friend at PWOC yesterday and I was reminded all over again about His unmistakable sovereignty.  Its enough to make a weary soul giddy.  How generous that He would give us a story like that to call our own. 

As always, one of the things that brought me out of the fog was walking into the Emergency Foster Care Supply closet.  It was a mess.  A sure sign that it had been a busy summer.  Every child that receives something from that closet has arrived there through heartbreak of some kind or another.  Through no fault of their own.  Every. Single. Child.  I often feel like I am standing on some sort of Holy Ground in the middle of that closet.

I had a helper meet me there and we were able to sort though all the new donations and get the racks re-sorted.  There were some piles of clothes left on a shelf in June, because I had run out of appropriate-sized hangers; so we were able to fill in some of the gaps with those items.

Here is a simple list of the current needs.  The goal is to have 3  NEW outfits in every size.

* a note about shoes:  We have 0 pairs of shoes of the sizes listed.  It would be OK to have multiples in every size available.  {Although we do have 7 pair of girls' 10T; and 5 pair of boys' 11T}

Also, we are critically low on diapers - size 3 and up.  Underwear of all sizes is also in low supply.  And bags.  We are down to 6 cinch-sacs from the last bag drive in March. 

Thanks for your continued support friends!  There will be some exciting opportunities coming up soon to help stock a boutique for foster kids through The Cora Reid Greene Home {Brad's job}.  I can hardly wait to tell you all the details.