27 January 2007

25 January 2007

spring ?????

I took Wilson and Walker outside yesterday afternoon to blow bubbles and draw with sidewalk chalk. Walker didn't really do either of those, but he had fun watching his big brother. He was intrigued by the bubbles. I guess we are supposed to have a few more warm and sunny afternoons before it gets chilly again. We will enjoy them while we can! We also met another military family on our block with a 2 year old little boy, so maybe Wilson will have someone to share his swingset and sandbox with! Yeah!

19 January 2007

hangin' at home

Walker has a ton of toys, so we have been keeping some in the bottom of his megasaucer. We found this to be an equally profitable set up for all...he climbs under there to play and we don't have to pick all of his toys up!
Brad found Wilson trying to dry off after his bath (with a hand towel.) He is such a big man! One more pic of Walker in his play place.
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14 January 2007

13 January 2007


I decided that I should try and clean some of the ice off the car before more comes tonight. I got all the major windows cleared, but I still cannot open any of the doors on the drivers side. Even the tires are ice covered.

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12 January 2007

update on bradley's health

I am sure many of you are wondering about this...I didn't post anything sooner, because it seems as though nothing has changed. Brad went to the Doctor at the hospital at Fort Sill on Monday. That Doc thought it would be good to give Brad's meds some time to "kick in." And also give Brad some time to get into an exercise routine to kind of stretch his lungs. He also ordered a CT scan of Brad's chest to see if there is any change in the spot they found in October. Brad will probably go back to the doctor in a week or so. They also ran some blood tests.
Brad hasn't had an asthma attack since he has been back, but he is taking two inhaled meds and three oral meds daily.

As for what the Army is going to do with Brad... nothing has happened in that regard at all. I may have said before, but its worth repeating...it probably will not be a quick process. If it turns out that they find a reason to "restrict" what Brad is able to do, then he will probably go to a medical board-as anyone with restrictions due to medical reasons would have to go to a board. There is absolutely no way to predict what the outcome would be if/when he goes before the board. So, we will just wait and see...

We are happy to be together and happy to be where we are. God has blessed us greatly and we continue with anticipation to see what He has in store for us. We know it is in His hands and are comforted greatly that we do not have to work all the details out, as He will do it for us.

ice storm

Here comes the wicked weather once again! I thought I should get some pics up on the blog before the power lines snap and we are left to freeze... Ok, perhaps that is a little dramatic. Temperatures have been hovering around freezing with pretty steady rain all day today. I guess we might get up to an inch and a half of ice by Sunday.

If you look closely at the left side of this picture, you will notice our back storm door. The glass in the door is regular, clear glass what you see is ice...the door is covered...and when I opened it to snap this picture, freezing drops of rain were coming in at me! Posted by Picasa

11 January 2007

wilson's first day of 'school'

Wilson began his TALK class today. This is a class to help him with his pronunciation of certain sounds. It is once a week, for 2 1/2 hours. He was a little slow moving this morning, but after he was up a while he said to me, "I better get in the shower, Mom." Then once he was dressed and ready, he stood by the door for over ten minutes and said, "This is taking too long!" He did great, he wasn't clingy at all when we took him. There were only 2 other students, so he should get a lot of personal attention.  Posted by Picasa

flying home

Here are the boys on the plane. I think I got the camera out at this point to get ready to snap some shots when we got off the plane. Sorry to disappoint, I was too excited, fumbled with the camera for a minute and then turned it off so we could give Brad big hugs! We had a nice reunion and it has been good to be home!
Notice Wilson is reading the safety information card...you know the one with illustrations of planes in water and in mountains and on fire, etc. I think Wilson looks at that thing everytime we fly. It doesn't seem to concern him too much, but he does make some funny comments about the pictures. You know like, planes don't go in water! Posted by Picasa

07 January 2007

Free Stuff

Here are some neat products that I've found!

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