16 November 2011

kids' marathon

Wilson has been logging miles since September so he could compete in the first annual Kids Soldier Marathon.  He was running 3-4 times a week so he could log all 25.2 miles.  He didn't always want to run, but he determined to finish what he signed up for.  He took turns running with either Brad or I, and usually ran between a half mile to a mile... alternating running & walking.  The day of his race, Wilson's goal was "to not be last."  We talked about maybe having a target pace of 12 minutes.  He had run/walked a mile with Brad at close to 12 minutes during his "training." 

Here are all the kids at the start... I think there were about 80 kids for this inaugural year.  They did the pledge of allegiance before the race.
The course was at the National Infantry Museum around the memorial walk and the parade field.  Walker and I stayed near the start/finish line and Brad went out across the field to cheer Wilson on when he came by.

Wilson passed us once during the course and he was doing great.  I was such a proud momma!  Daddy decided to finish the last bit with Wilson encouraging him along the way.  I was all teary-eyed at this point!
He ended up finishing his mile in 9 minutes and 30 seconds.  I think you can kinda tell he was pretty proud of himself.  It was so fun to see him beaming.  And of course, he had to wear his "got goat?" shirt! 
He said later in the weekend that he wanted to run a 5k with me this weekend.  We think he might need to train a little bit more before that happens.  ;) 

It was kind of a bummer that it was for ages 6 and up.  Walker really wanted to be a part of it!  Hopefully he'll get his chance soon enough, maybe next year if we are still here!


  1. Very proud of him. He has been great at setting goals this year and sticking to them. Awesome. What a great family activity and low cost, too.

    Give him a big hug for me!!!!!

  2. Proud of Wilson, and really proud of the whole family for their support and encouragement!