01 November 2011

halloween treats

once again we were able to do Halloween costumes on the cheap ;) Walker wanted to be Super Walker again (can you blame him?) and Wilson finally settled on being a jockey after some debate about whether or not people would "get" his costume. We were able to use some of the horse-racing stuff that Uncle Steve had sent the boys last spring. I just had to cut down his shirt and use the scraps (+ black felt) to make his jockey helmet. He really wanted to bring Muskoka trick-or-treating but she has no concept of personal space when it comes to small children, and that's just not a good combo.
I finally got Super Walker to strike a pose that wasn't just showing off his new "wrist cuffs" which were an upgrade to his costume from last year; I also had to add new elastic to his mask. So super!
It was sunny for Halloween, can you tell?
A shot with daddy who, by the way, was up since 1:45am. He still managed to carve the pumpkin with Walker after school right before dinner right before trick-or-treating.
Such cuties! I took the boys & Brad stayed home to pass out candy. We were out for about 45 minutes, and Daddy only had 3 pieces of candy left we came home!


  1. Sounds like daddy should get a super daddy cape too! so glad you had great weather, makes for a fabulous night of fun!

  2. They are adorable. Tell Wil I think he made a great choice. Very talented momma makes for inexpensive costumes!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  3. oh, that's just crazy! LOVE the pictures of the jockey and his, um, horse and super walker! That's great!!!