24 October 2011

praying for an itty-bitty baby...

So, I know, I haven't been posting as often as I usually do. I just wanted to quickly ask any of you that still check this blog for updates to please add your prayers to ours for this little baby. He was born last week at 27 weeks 2 days. His name is John Buckly and he has the nickname "Lil Buck." He is amazing the doctors each day, but has a very, very long way to go. His parents are good friends of ours, you've read about them here before and here as well. They moved over the summer. Kelley's due date was in January. She is staying at the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital with the baby, about an hour from their home. Every prayer on their behalf is welcomed.

As for us, there isn't anything substantial to update you on... we are still waiting on the adoption, we are waiting for Brad to {possibly} get orders for somewhere, sometime. We are also praying about how to finish up Wilson's fundraising for the year. He has met his goal, but we are not convinced that he should stop just yet. We're praying we can help him finish it well. Also, if you didn't know, I started another blog for my sewing business and a FB page. Although I've not done much with either of those the last week or so too... I am working at finding balance and choosing the most important things. Eventually I'll figure it out.


  1. Praying and noting that both balance and patience are hard to attain but worth the wait. God does furnish both with love, caring and understanding. He knows our nature, and our faults yet loves us dearly with compassion for both! I know that he will help you with all of these petitions!

  2. wow! prayers for that little one... and orders???