22 March 2011

a good good day...

We had such a great day Monday, well at least 3 out 4 of us did... For reasons I still don't know, Brad had Monday off! Always a fun treat for us! We were invited to go fishing with Walker's most favorite friend's family.

The boys had a blast...
The weather was perfect!

The dirt was dirty!
The boat was fast and fun.

We really enjoyed hanging out at the lake all day. The guys didn't catch a single fish, but we had fun chatting and relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the day. We did feel a little bad that Wilson was at school all day...

...even worse when he came home complaining of a sore throat and headache.

We found out this morning that the strep is back.

The doc said it would be awhile before we'd start talking about an ENT referral again. So we started on a little bit stronger antibiotic and I think we are going to be doing some research into building up Wilson's immune system. It seems like the strep is more prevalent around allergy season. Not sure if there is any science to support this momma's observation, but the last time he had it was in the fall. And now the yellow pollen is making its annual appearance...

So your prayers would be appreciated on Wilson's behalf. Also, wisdom for us to make sure we are doing all that we can to keep him healthy and strong.


  1. poor wil!
    I hope he is feeling better soon. I'm glad the weather down there is beautiful! We just had a snow day yesterday!

  2. Prayers for Wil, glad you all had a great fishing adventure...minus the fish!