05 July 2011

Running Brad

Brad ran in the Peachtree Road Race yesterday - along with 59,999 other people. One of those other people was Brad's boss; pictured above (who is moving in a couple weeks.) Brad didn't quite make his goal pace, but he did finish well. And I am so proud.

I think you probably know how much Brad hated running not all that long ago. The combination of the asthma diagnosis with improper treatment made running a horrible experience for Brad. Add to it the bosses he had at Fort Sill that assumed Brad was a scammer and it was just awful. He often felt defeated. As his wife, I hated it for him. I think there are few things worse than knowing your husband isn't being respected (and I'd be naive to think that this only happens to husbands in the Army).

As you might remember, while Brad was in Africa his running experience began to change. He has worked hard. He's invested time and money into improving his running. He has stopped claiming that he "just isn't built for running." And I've mentioned this before but its worth repeating, God has blessed Brad with some great guys that have encouraged his running efforts. Brad downloads sermons to listen to while he runs. The time he spends running isn't just about running. Somehow, God has turned running into a benefit for Brad.

Brad has taught me (and our boys) an incredible lesson. "You might not be that great at something, you might not even be built for it; but sometimes its what you have to do. If you give it to God, and ask Him to help you; if you work hard, and invest in getting better; you will. God will take this thing you struggle with and make it a treasure*."

Granted this lesson was not taught using words, but actions.

* and yes some days running is nothing more than a giant suck-fest, but Brad is not defeated by it. That is the treasure.

We'll update Wilson's blog later with more pictures and his perspective of Race day.

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