18 December 2013

pink sparkly shoes and the God who knows

When Brad and I walked in to the Department of Family & Children Services office yesterday, we were invited in to pray with part of the staff.  It was humbling and amazing and felt a little bit like holy ground... holding hands with state workers, praying on a Tuesday morning for at-risk children and the ones that work hard to love them well.  God is at work and we are so thrilled to be a part of it.

But we aren't a part of it alone.  So many of you have helped... and given so much more financially than we have.  I wish each of you could have been standing in the supply closet when the caseworker told Brad and I this story.

A little girl came into care last week.  She came at night with only her night clothes on.  In the morning she decided she wanted to go to school that day.  She picked out an outfit that fit her just right.  They found a necklace for her to wear.  There was even a jacket that fit her.  It even matched her outfit.  Then she looked at the shoe shelf and timidly asked if she could have the "pink sparkly shoes."  She had no shoes.   Of course, the "pink sparkly shoes" were her size too.  A caseworker fixed her hair nicely.  And she stood proud.  She was going to be late to school, but she r-e-a-l-l-y wanted to go now that she was all dressed.

When the caseworker picked her up at the end of the school day, she asked if anyone complimented her outfit.  She said the little girl flashed a big grin and said, "yes!"

I tried to keep the tears pooled up in my eyes as I listened.  I could picture this sweet little one who had been through who-knows-what in the night... standing taller and proud because she had a cute outfit on, pink sparkly shoes, and even a little bling around her neck.

It's a tiny piece in a huge, messy puzzle... but it matters.  Every item donated has a purpose, we pray for the kiddos that will wear these items.  I cannot thank you well enough.  I hope somehow you understand that your gifts to these kiddos help in ways we can't fully comprehend.  When you can't buy one of everything in every size {and I know some of you wish you could}, I do believe the Spirit leads you to buy what we'll be needing.

Everything this little girl needed was there - in her size.  He knew what this little girl needed, and prompted y'all to buy the bits and pieces to make up a whole outfit.

I stand in awe. Our God loves His little ones.

I'll add an updated needs list to this post shortly.  But I wanted to get the story written for those of you that have given.  I can't be certain, but its likely that this little girl walked out of that closet with items that were sent from Hawaii, Alabama, Illinois, Michigan and Fort Benning.  How awesome is that?

Here's the updated needs list!
 Remember, clothing items must be new.  Some sizes have either pants or a shirt but don't make a complete outfit... so feel free to buy bits or pieces, the outfits will come together perfectly. I am certain of it.

Here is a list of the shoe sizes we need as well:

Other items that are needed:
toiletries for older kiddos
like-new small toys, stuffed animals, balls, coloring books

As always... if you have ANY questions feel free to ask!  Thank you so very much for caring for these kiddos in crisis! 


  1. THANK YOU for you being you... for being obedient when God called you to this wonderfully awesome ministry. Thank you for going on Tuesday and being there when God wanted you to be (especially in such a crazy time of the year). Thank you for sharing this story with us by using your gift of writing ( which at times because of your words, I feel like I am there). Thank you for calling out to your sisters in Christ and allowing us to be a part of this ministry!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Barbie! I am in awe that we get to be a part of God's work in this way! Thank you for faithfully supporting and encouraging us along the way!