02 May 2014

five minute friday:: mess

I'm writing my five-minute-friday post on Friday, AGAIN.  Although I skipped last week, so maybe I shouldn't pat myself on the back too enthusiastically.

Five Minute Friday 

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Today's prompt is :: mess.


Messy-bessies.  That is what I call my boys sometimes.  I, myself, am a self-proclaimed messy-bessie on most days.  We often find ourselves in a state that can be classified as a "mess."  I've come to be at peace with that.  Which technically, wasn't all that hard of a struggle because I have never been called a "neat freak."  Ever.  But as a stay-at-home mom I always put a certain amount of pressure on myself to make sure Brad came home to a clean house.  OK, clean-ish house.

A home with twin toddlers is a bit more of a challenge to keep clean-ish, I think.  One particularly rough day, Brad came home and nobody was happy.  Crankiness, shouting, pitching-fits -- and that was just me.  After the bliss of bedtime rolled around Brad and I kind of unpacked the day.  I talked about how frustrating it is to try and get things done before he got home and how I hated that I never felt like I could keep up.

He said, "I would rather come home to a messy house, than a bunch of screaming."

Y'all, that about set me free.  I no longer put pressure on myself to try and get things done, nor did I let guilt settle in if I saw unfolded laundry in the basket or tons of freaking grass on the carpet.  Peace in the home was a better choice.

Don't get me wrong, I'll always struggle with keeping a clean-ish house and I certainly didn't accept his statement as a free pass to never do any housework.  It just set me free to do the work at my pace and with peace.



  1. Clean-ish. Totally get it sister! So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping my Ordinary Inspirations!

    <3 Traci Michele

  2. Hi Amanda! Found you via Lisa Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday. I'm also a SAH mom who fights the ever-constant battle of keeping a "clean-ish" house. Thanks for your encouragement to enjoy the peace over perfection!