04 April 2011

fun with cousins...

Linds & Ari are in town visiting. They originally planned on flying, but plane ticket prices were crazy so they drove. In the meantime, I had offered to throw a baby shower for a friend which was planned for the same day they arrived! (More on the shower later). So they got here Saturday morning and we went to a garage sale in the neighborhood (of course!). Then I got ready for the shower. Brad and the boys took them on a tour around Fort Benning and Columbus while I was at the shower.

Then, Saturday night we went downtown for dinner. Lindsay got us a gift certificate from restaurant.com, so we tried out a new place. Locos Amigos, I think. It was pretty good and we had fun...Brad kindly took a picture of us a by a "structure" downtown, which is actually "Uptown" but I always forget to call it that.
You can kind of tell that the boys are happy to have them around, can't you?
Oh, and on the menu, this place said the first basket of chips and salsa was complimentary, and then it was $2.50 after that. After we ate our first basket, more kept appearing... at one point our table was filled with chips and salsa... Wilson and Ari posed with it so I could get a picture. There was more salsa in those bowls than could possibly be eaten with all those chips...

...oh, and when the bill came, we didn't get charged for any of it ;)

More fun to come today...Family is such a blessing!


  1. Love to see you all having a great time...there is nothing to beat those smiles!

  2. I can't believe a blogged about the trip already and with photos. I thought school was going to start back up and I wouldn't have blogged yet!
    Sure had fun!

  3. Oh, thanks so much for the posting. I love the pics! And thanks for putting up my girls, they were excited for the trip!