20 February 2014

celebrating small.

I think I mentioned sometime last fall that I wanted to be more intentional about celebrating the little things.   
  • Today, I am celebrating four (!) mornings-in-a-row with a quiet moment for a cup of coffee and some Jesus time before four boys are up.  If I am being honest, I think some mornings it's the coffee that pulls me out of bed -- Brad brews it before he leaves.  But I meet Jesus then too, so its a win-win. {Brad gave me a mug and some decals for Valentine's Day.  He bought them at Midtown Coffee House which serves Land of A Thousand Hills coffee. Now we have a local source for purchasing coffee that we feel good about!}

  • I'm also celebrating that the little dudes slept until "the furby" turned on.  Which is technically an owl, but it reminds them of Walker's furby, so that is how we all refer to it.  Its an alarm clock of sorts and it lights up at 7am signaling its time to wake-up.  Most mornings there are a few reminders about staying in bed until "the furby comes on."  L + F are so much happier when they sleep until 7.  Its weird but true.  So this morning was just all around lovely! I couldn't help but giggle at how this picture of the owl turned out.  I'm celebrating that too :)

  • I'm also celebrating the spring-like weather this week.  I know it won't last but it is just so delightful.   We are outside people.  Every last one of us is happier with some outside time. 
  • Another little thing, which is actually pretty huge, is this lightness and rightness that I sensed as I walked out of church last night.  It is a feeling of unity and single purpose, and I would be foolish to take that for granted. I love what God is doing through Cascade Hills Church -- and I'm grateful to be a part of it.
  • Finally, I am celebrating my scream journal.  I updated it with some verses so when I have to make an entry I'll be staring down some truth.  This is helping immensely.

How about you?  Do you have some small things worth celebrating today?  Do you have a routine for regularly celebrating the small?

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  1. Just catching up on your blog. It's a "small thing" (kinda) that I'm thankful for. I'm sending hugs your way. You've had a rough go lately. ♥♥