25 September 2009


On Friday's the PTA has a sale of cheap treats to raise some money. Wilson was up early and digging through his piggy bank so he could buy a sucker for himself and Walker. He came out with a couple gold dollars and asked me what they were... I told him they were gold dollars and tht he didn't need to take those to school, he just needed two quarters. He ran back to his room and then returned quickly and said, "Man, I'm a lucky boy, I have a lot of golden dollars..."
He then preceeded to dump out his piggy bank and count them all... I told him "You are not lucky, you are loved, there is a big difference." I am not sure if he gets it or not, but I trust that one day he will. His great grandparents give each of their great grandchildren 10 gold dollars every year for Christmas... (on the dresser are Wilson and Walker's gold coins from this year). (And isn't it adorable that he calls them 'golden dollars'???)

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  1. Yes it is adorable and yes he is much loved!