03 September 2009


Big Man lost his first tooth today. Once he discovered that he had a loose tooth, he didn't stop messing with it until it came out. He was disappointed last year when some of his friends lost teeth and he hadn't lost anything (always competitive!). So, he was super fired up tonight when he realized he would be joining the lost-a-tooth-club! He is so thrilled!

We were on the fence about the tooth fairy... you know us, the old meanies... Brad and I had discussed it awhile back, so when Wilson started peppering me with questions tonight I just did a lot of shoulder shrugging.

After the tooth came out, Wilson told us he was going to put it under his pillow, "And see if I get a dollar!"

I gasped and said, "A dollar!!!"

And then Brad clinched the tooth fairy deal with the reply, "I used to get a quarter!"

Its almost as if a switch came on in Wilson's head, that maybe he could really believe in this tooth fairy thing. He said to Brad, "I thought the tooth fairy was just fantasy."

(Fantasy? Really? His teacher wasn't kidding when she said he has a big vocabulary!)


  1. Oh how adorable and it just tickled me that he called when it was loose then a few hours later he called to tell me he had it out! What a guy! What a cutie! Thanks for posting pics....almost like being there or close enough to be a part of it!

  2. A fantasy?!?! Wow! Great vocab!

    PS - I don't think you guys are meanies for being on the fence about the tooth fairy thing. Ande and I are the same way.

  3. We are the same way about the tooth fairy thing too. Even so, I am a HORRIBLE fairy. Since I go to bed pretty much behind the kids & sleep through the nite, I forget. I finally had Dakota tell me one time..."Can you please just take the tooth? It's been there a while."
    Lots of changes for you guys! Congrats on the promotion, tooth, first grade! lots of blessing to count for sure!

  4. Too cute! I love big vocabs in little boys!