17 September 2009

just for fun...

I snapped this picture of the boys playing in their room tonight after dinner. The boys do enjoy their playing-together-time more during the school year, I guess maybe because they have less of it. They told me that they, "turned our room into a tent!" And this little picture is of a gigantic spider... thankfully the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever because this monster was dead before I discovered it. Good grief! Just imagine how big it would be if it wasn't all curled up! (That is MY foot in the picture.... ok, maybe I am exaggerating.... its Walker's foot)

And here is the big man minus TWO teeth! And the other day, we discovered his 'big teeth' are already peeking through the gums!

Our move is fast approaching, and its starting to sink in a little. We are praying for an on-post house with good neighbors and preferably within walking distance to school. We are waiting and watching for God's hand to move mightily. He is so very good, all the time.


  1. Your move is becoming more and more real as I plan your farewell. I have heard myself say too many times that you are leaving. Please know that you will be taking a piece of me with you. I think this may be one of the hardest "I'll see you soon"(since we don't say goodbye in the military...)that will ever come in my life as military wife.
    A new chapter for you is about to begin. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. You will bless others as you have here and He will continue to bless you.

  2. As I read tonite about your move and Barbie's comments, I think about a comment from a friend of ours who was working for us. Unfortunately we did not have enough work to keep him employed. He had made the comment to us that if he is "the Jonah" in our boat, that he needs to be thrown overboard. Well, consequently, he was thrown overboard, so to speak, and work has picked up significantly. Kind of odd, I know, but in all things it has caused me to ask myself continually, am I headed for Ninevah like I should be?
    I know this is rambling, but I praise the Lord for you and your family doing what the Lord leads you to do regardless of those personal reservations you have. There has been many sacrifices, lots of painful "I'll see you soons," but also many blessings in your journey. Thanks for sharing those things and helping keep the important things in perspective.

  3. I've been praying every single day that God gives you an awesome home on post and that He brings friends immediately so the loneliness doesn't get a chance to seep in. Excited for you, thankful you will only a days drive instead of a day/night drive away!

    Oh....never will you be able to replace the wonderful friendships God has blessed you with in OK! God will just add more to your life and open your world even larger! How exciting

  4. oh and one more thing....I love the ingenuity of the coat hangers for the boys tent! so darn cute what their little minds think up and how it plays out.....keep the pics coming.......

  5. i think you have an engineer on your hands in that tent. Look at the way they rigged up the hangers to make the blanket reach! Smart men! :)
    We are so excited for your move to GA! I love GA and can't wait to visit! :)

  6. I will miss Oklahoma a lot! Your friends in that area have been terrific and it was always a blessing for me that Barbie was there when I couldn't be....she is truely a gift from God. The group that I was able to meet were all wonderful and I know you will miss them too, but what a time you have had and what a journey it has been...On to the next step, guided all the way by your faith and our Lord. Always in my prayers, and Barbie is in there too...I know her adventure continues soon too!