18 August 2010

another PR* for Wilson...

{*PR = personal record}

So, on Wilson's first day of school this year, I told Brad that Wilson set a PR for the BEST FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER! (I thought I put that on FB, but apparently not). He came home from school that day so happy and chatty. Almost unusually chatty and happy for him. We were so thrilled for him.

Sadly, this week's PR is not a positive one.... I honestly thought the day these pics were taken on Wilson's first day of Kindergarten would forever hold the record for WORST BUS RIDE HOME EVER...
{he refused to even look at Yaya that day on the way home}

Imagine my surprise this Monday afternoon when Wilson got off the bus... with the most horrifying I-am-doing-my-very-best-not-to-burst-into-tears look on his face. I was out on the front patio when the bus came around the corner... the opposite direction of last year; and it sure looked like there were no kids on the bus.
As Wilson crossed the street, I asked, "What happened?"
He shrugged, and sort of gave me a seriously-I-am-not-going-to-cry-right-here-in-the-street-so-don't-say-another-word-to-me-Mother look. Then I saw the bus driver's hand out the window, waving me over. As Wilson waited by the front door, the driver got off the bus and met me in the street. He explained what happened...

Wilson had gotten on the wrong bus!

Apparently, if your child doesn't ride the bus home on the first day of school, and then misses an entire week of school, you might not be notified that some of the bus numbers' were wrong on the hand-out at orientation.

After the bus driver left, I snuggled up close to Wilson and sat with him for awhile. He told me that he remembered the name of our street, and that when all the kids got off the bus, he knew it wasn't the right stop. He had to tell the bus driver how to get our house. He never confirmed or denied if the bus driver was nice about the situation. We looked at the bus number assignment sheet; it was indeed mixed up.

Tuesday morning, I watched out the window to see which bus # the kids got on. I walked Wilson in to the school and talked with the secretary to verify the correct bus number. Then I went to the classroom and told Wilson's teacher what happened. She thanked me for not coming in "all angry" and apologized for the incident.

Thankfully, yesterday was a much better day... and Wilson got off at his correct stop, from the correct bus, with his regular bus-stop friends.

let's hope this PR never gets broken.


  1. Again I find myself absolutely amazed at this seven year old. He really told the bus driver how to get to his house...and managed to hold back tears...he is such an amazing kid! Give him one great big ole hug for me and tell him how impressed I am!

  2. awe. . . .I just want to cry for him! what a big "tough" guy! and I'm sure mama is so proud too!

  3. Did you cry later? I hate when my heart breaks for my kids. Those are hard days. You're a wonderful mom, AL. You're doing a great job!

  4. I agree with your mom. I thought that was great that Wilson told the bus driver how to get to his house! Imagine, he hasn't even had a school year in GA yet! How great! One year I made the girls ride the bus the first day of school and when they dropped off the high school students (which was Lindsay and Brittan only), Ari was the only one on the bus and had to tell the bus driver how to get to the elementary. They didn't let me forget it! No more riding on that first day! HA!
    Wilson did great, I'm sure you let him know it wasn't his fault at all and he handled it wonderfully!

  5. you can tell Wilson that one day I feel asleep on the bus and missed my stop and the bus driver drove all the way back to the bus garage before she noticed I was still on the bus. Luckily Uncle Dave worked at the bus garage and he took me home- I got cookies and milk out of the deal! But I was soooo embarrassed!

  6. Amanda...I am so teary..what a sweet boy and one amazing hero mom story!