14 February 2010

lazy Valentine's Day...

thanks to the big snow, our church was cancelled all weekend. so the boys and I had a very lazy day today while Daddy was at work. We did rearrange Wilson's room a little to get ready for his bed {finally!!... poor kid has been sleeping on the sleeper-sofa for months}. After rearranging together, the boys did some rearranging of their own...
and created a super hiding place! They giggled and giggled under that bed!
We also squeezed in some time for the Olympics and Nascar. We couldn't hang to the end of the race though... did it ever end? This morning I showed the boys the video of Apolo Ohno's final last night. Half way through it Walker said, "Which one is Daddy?" Wilson and I laughed and told him that Daddy wasn't in the race... About a lap to go - when it was getting really intense - Walker yelled, "I hope Daddy wins!" Oh that boy makes me laugh!

oh, and I just had to show you my roses. First, I got dark chocolates from Fabiano's earlier in the week and then Brad braved the snow on Friday to go retrieve my roses because FedEx wasn't going to deliver them!
Sadly, I knocked this one off of its stem when I was removing "2-3 outer petals that were left on for protection during delivery." Earlier in the day while lazing around on the couch, Wilson and I gave ourselves tattoos... I am nothing, if not dorky. Brad is a lucky, lucky man.

I was completely surprised by the Valentine's gifts. Brad is so sneaky sometimes! I often wonder why on earth God decided to bless me with such a wonderful man. We were a little bummed that he had to work today, but thankfully he will be home with us tomorrow...

Here's hoping for an equally lazy President's Day!


  1. You crack me up Amanda!! What fun is life if you can't be a little dorky sometimes?

    And YAY for husbands who will brave the weather to do something sweet for their wives. Brad is a good man.

  2. I just laughed out loud, that is so funny Walker thought you were watching Brad in the race!
    What a wonderful Guy you got! Flowers and Candy!!
    He is such a good example to those two cuties!
    I love your blog!

  3. You do have a great hubby!!

    How much snow did you get??

    I love lazy days.... and giggles make them even better.

  4. Glad you guys had a relaxing day! We do have the best men....they are truly one of a kind!

    Beautiful roses.....by the way!