26 June 2008

Pay It Forward...

Oh yes, oh yes, I said contest folks. If you know me even a little bit, you know that I ♥ giveaways. I mean, I really, really like giveaways...winning prizes...etc. I am really no fun to sit with at a baby shower after the prizes if I didn't win one. And Brad used to say I would sulk for a month if I didn't win a prize at Bunko back in my league days in Michigan. So imagine my sheer glee when I win something that I forgot I entered! We are talking WOO-HOO!

So yes, I won a contest from Heidi's soap blog. She is sending me a kit to make soap the 'easy' way because she is doing all the hard work first...you know, measuring lye and all that. And even better news, she will be opening her own etsy story soon and selling these very kits, as well as some of her other yummy soaps. You may remember she sent me a couple bars in April. They were awesome.

As I reveled in my win for a few days, I suddenly remembered this morning that it was a Pay It Forward contest. Which means I get to host a contest on my own blog. I did some back-tracking from Heidi's blog to see what the other contests gave-away... And while I can be creative at times, I am not going to invent a project for myself this week. Instead the prize will be....drum roll...

An Army PT t-shirt. You can pick the size, and they do come in youth sizes as well. So you can share the love and support our troops etc, etc, etc. (I realize that this prize would probably be kind of lame for you, Barbie, but most of my readership does not have a limitless stack of PT shirts in their home.) Ok, here are the rules...

1. Leave a comment in the comment section to enter the contest. (You don't have to tell me your t-shirt size until you are the winner).

2. I will accept entries through next Monday. The drawing will be next Tuesday (July 1).

3. The winner will receive an Army PT shirt.

4. The winner then hosts a contest on their blog. If you do not have a blog, we can host it via mine... And then hope a blog-owner wins that contest, eventually we will be able to pay it forward...although we may have to remind the winner. If they are like me, it might take a few days to remember on their own.
Here is a picture of Wil in his PT shirt awhile back. You get the idea, its grey with ARMY in reflective black...the adult ones have a reflective "A" on the back, I don't remember if the youth ones do...

Enter away folks...


  1. WhooHoo...am I the first...if no one else leaves a comment to I win by default...how would I pay it forward...the winner gets a trip to Amanda and Brad's abode with one spa night in the guest bathroom? Hmmmmm

  2. I am sure I won't win, but I would, myself, love one of those Army pt shirts, since almost everyone in my household has one except me. Do you feel sorry for me yet???? Anyways, it probably isn't fair that I enter but who says life is fair??? and maybe since, so far, only your mom and I have entered we both could be winners? no, right?

  3. Okay, just to break up the fight between moms (LOL), I'll enter, so I can win and neither mom will be mad that the other won...HA HA HA!!

    Okay, really it's about the fact that I also love the opportunity to win something, and the pay it forward idea is also something fun!

    Hope you get LOTS AND LOTS of entries!

  4. count me in!!!

    love the pool pictures..so cute....that dog is HUGE,sister! oh, your toe!!! lots of sympathy from IN..mommy boo boos are the worst...we have had a week of boo boos at our house...luke fell at a playground and his chin looks so bad...:(


  5. I am not as bad as you, Amanda, but I do love to win! Wil was lucky that he beat me fair and square at Uno today! :-)

  6. Man, I almost missed the contest. Like Julie, I do not want the dear moms to fight, I'll gladly take the t-shirt!

  7. Ok....will you count me in?
    Unlike the comments above---I am not family but I am from Michigan! Julie and I have become fast "comment Leaving" buddies on Blogger. Thanks for the heads up on the contest Julie!