28 June 2009

Army Strong Families

Whenever the Army does something extra-fabulous to support families, I like to make sure people know it. This weekend we had the privilege of attending a "Reunion Retreat" at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX. We had to pay for the gas in our tank and that is it. We had a lot of time to spend together and a marriage workshop as well. The brigade chaplain did a great job of making the schedule family-friendly. It was a fantastic, memorable time for all of us!

For some reason I can't drag my pictures around tonight to put them in order, so you'll just have to bear with me.

Brad and Wilson rode every water slide together at the park, inside and out; except for the one that Wilson was too short to ride. They rode this one a number of times, and the last time, they smiled for the camera!

We expected a regular family suite at the lodge, but were pleasantly surprised to find we were upgraded to a "Wolf Den" room. The boys had their own TV in their den...
We had vouchers for our breakfast and dinner buffets while we were there... I snapped this picture at our first dinner.
And this picture was Walker shoving his face full of our S'mores Fondue dessert today at lunch.

Daddy and Walker at dinner...

And Daddy with the fondue....

Sadly, this was the only family picture from the weekend. You get the idea though...

The first dinner's buffet theme was "Cajun" and I really (r-e-a-l-l-y) tried to get Wilson to pretend to eat that crawfish (crayfish???) on his plate. You can see by the look on his face that he wasn't into that game...

This morning, Chaplain had a very brief church service. He started by calling all the kiddos up to the front to talk about obeying their parents. And taught them the motto, "Obedience leads to happiness," that might become popular at our house!

And the "BOTTOM" bunk...

If you know me, you know I don't love water much (or at all really) but we had a super duper time. Wilson even got me to ride a slide with him! It took a bit for Walker to get used to the idea of having water on his head each time we went to the water park, but after a few minutes he was ready to go. Brad took Walker down one slide, and that was enough for him. He's a bit more like his momma when it comes to the water. I need to do better job pretending to love it, so he'll like it more.
We had a great time, it was a wonderful opportunity for us, and we are thankful that the Colonel of the Brigade values families in this way. We are thankful for the chaplain for putting it all together and ultimately, thankful that God blessed us in this way this weekend!


  1. as I said on FB great that you had this fabulous weekend and how wonderful that there are Godly men who are in charge too!

    Loved the pictures, the one of Brad and Wilson is definitely a framable pic!

  2. GO ARMY!!! I am so glad that you were able to take part in this experience.. and if you have workshops to take what better place to take them.

    Looks like everyone had fun. Making memories once again.

  3. Love that first picture! How fun!

  4. That's really awesome!

    You know, when I saw tha pic of Big Willie with the crawfish, I THOUGHT that's what it was, then I was like, "NO, it couldn't be..." but you confirmed my suspicion. I don't blame him for not even wanting to pretend to eat it! I don't think I would have even allowed it on my plate.

    So glad you have been really enjoying yourselves since Brad returned. It's great to see all those great big smiles!