23 June 2009

Walker's Birthday!

If you click on the collage, I think you can see the pictures better. Walker opened the packages that he got in the mail first thing in the morning. He opened his gifts from us and Wilson after dinner. He did get a big helicopter, it was not easy to locate one, but we did it! Phew! We had a great day together...
I had to include this picture, just because I adore the expression on Walker's face. Inquisitively surprised?

I cannot even find words to express how wonderful it was to have Brad at this birthday celebration. I just had the world's biggest grin on my face while editing the pictures from yesterday. Delightful indeed. God is good, all the time.
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  1. I can just say I wish I could have been there! Papua and I would have loved to celebrate with you, we'll just have to do it when you get to Michigan, maybe we can have another one of those big birthday bashes so we can all celebrate everyone's birthday! Love you guys!