05 June 2009

just some pictures... and what not...

Logan came with us to the spray park yesterday... she was so great running around with the boys! Walker loved having her with him! Wilson was thrilled that they "fixed the big gun."
He and Gavin had a blast being silly...
And today this guy... is having some sort of hive-like reaction... Ugh!
tiny spots all over; larger-hive-like-welts on his face and arms.

And these pictures were taken AFTER benadryl. I don't know if it is the hypoallergenic sunblock, the antibiotic he just finished, or a combination of other environmental factors. Poor baby!


  1. Looks like fun (except for poor Walker!)!!

    Hopefully those hives are getting better by the minute. Nothing worse for a kid than to be itchy!

  2. I didn't even recognize Walker. Hope he's feeling and looking better. Love Sandy

  3. Poor little guy...he really does pay to play doesn't he!