21 June 2009

Survey Says!

So we had a rather laid-back Father's Day today. We had leftovers for lunch (from our cook-out yesterday, I might post pics later). Brad and I still haven't really had THE chat about gifts yet, so we didn't buy any gifts. One of these days we'll have to sit down and have the heart to heart talk about how we want to budget for gifts...for each other and for others. We knew that this year Father's Day would be tons better than last year's so I just asked the boys some questions about their Daddy. Thought y'all would like to see their answers too. I asked them individually so they wouldn't be swayed by one another's answers. I did my best to record their answers word for word (or motion for motion, depending!)

What is something your Dad always says to you?
Wilson: “I love you.”
Walker: “Get on the naughty chair.”

How tall is your Daddy?
Wilson: “like 30 inches high.”
Walker: “This tall – {hand by forehead} – He carries me around.”

What makes your Dad...
a. Happy?
Wilson: “When I help…when I clean my room up.”
Walker: “This.” – puts fingers in sides of mouth and pulls out, while sticking out his tongue.

b. sad?
Wilson: “When I disbehave.”
Walker: “When he says, ‘get on the naughty chair,’ that makes him sad and when I get up he happy.”

c. laugh?
Wilson: “That’s a hard one…Ok… what flies but won’t go in water? A bird!”
Walker: “When I do this.” - crazy full-body-jerking-gesturing.

What is his favorite thing to do?
Wilson: “mmmm…play with me.”
Walker: “I think get in your bedroom.”

What does he do when you are not around?
Wilson: “uuhhmm… probably runs.”
Walker: “he’s sad.”

What does he eat for breakfast?
Wilson: “Cereal.”
Walker: “oats!”

What is his favorite food?
Wilson: “I think Taco Bell.”
Walker: “I don’t know, I think…CEREAL!!!!”

What is he really good at?
Wilson: “Running with the dog.”
Walker: “Running”

What do you and Daddy do together?
Wilson: “Play the Wii.”
Walker: “Running on the bike, on my brother’s bike.”

How do you know he loves you?
Wilson: “Because he plays with me.”
Walker: “I taking a break.” -lays on couch- “My break over. When I give him a hug, he loves me.”

What is your Dad's job?
Wilson: “Army”
Walker: “getting in your bedroom.”

Is there anything else you want to say?
Wilson: “My dad rocks!”
Walker: “No, my break is not over yet. One day I fall in the road. That’s what.”


  1. Out of the mouth of babes...

    Did you move the "do not disturb sign to the bedroom door?"

    What a great idea and definately fits into anyone's budget. I love your creativity!!!

    I am glad that the boys are able to have their daddy home this Father's day. Sorry we missed the bbq yesterday.. the family have arrived.

  2. That was great! You can't get anything by Walker....

  3. Love the pictures of your van! You have to be so proud and the boys look so excited. I love the Fathers Day Questions. The answers are just too stinkin cute! We love you guys and can't wait to see you again in July!!

  4. HIL-AR-IOUS!!! W2 picked up on the bedroom thing, huh?! he he he

  5. Too funny! Congrats on the van! :)

  6. OH.MY.WORD.

    I seriously laughed out loud at Walker's answers. FUNNY STUFF

  7. Your children are hilarious! I think I know where they get it from ;)