06 June 2009

keepin' busy...

I sorta tried pretty hard throughout this deployment to not "just keep busy." You know, I didn't want to get in the habit of constantly being on the go, just so I wouldn't have to spend quiet time alone. I knew I would miss something if I tried to fill every second. Besides that, the boys and I would've been completely worn out. HOWEVER, this weekend, we've been keeping busy, more or less for the sake of keeping busy. It was either that or twiddle our thumbs. So, Barbie graciously invited a bunch (I mean a BUNCH!) of kiddos over for swimming on Friday. She made lunch and we moms just sat around and chatted while the kids played hard. It was great...
But in the meantime, there was some baby bird drama unfolding at our house. If you are on FB, you might've seen a post on Brad's wall about this little nest. I was trying to knock it down before Brad got home. But I failed to check and see if there were babies in it, so they flew (by flew, I mean they were flung) out of the nest and crashed to their little-bitty deaths right on my front patio. (While Muskoka was watching.) Well, actually only two died immediately, I put the other three back in the nest while we went swimming... certain the momma bird would come back. Unfortunately, when we got home from the swimfest, the birds were all strewn about on the patio and only one was still alive. Wilson was on the verge of tears as I put the little thing back in the nest and he said quietly, "Now he doesn't have any brothers..."

And he was so, so sad. We watched carefully for a good hour to see if the mom would return - while Wilson asked me all sorts of questions approximately every 3 seconds regarding how the other two could've died, and when the mom would come back, and if the baby was hungry, and do baby birds have daddies, and when would the mom come back, and should we find a worm, and does it need water, and when would the mom come back... So I googled some stuff and discovered I could mix a bit of dog food with hot water and make some mush to feed this thing. Honestly, I am not really the type of person that would try to save a baby bird's life (that sounds a little heartless, but its just not really my nature). However, Wilson's big, teary, brown eyes kept motivating me to do everything I could to save his life (we figure he is a he, don't ask why). Long story short, miraculously Baby Bird made it through the night and we were able to take him to a wildlife rehabilitator this morning. On the way there, Wilson got choked up again when he said, "I feel bad for his momma now."Thankfully we had something else to fill up our day - something much more lighthearted than the baby bird massacre... A FREE carnival on post. Complete with bbq sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans, popcorn, snow cones... and my favorite --cotton candy! They had bounce houses, the climbing wall, pony rides, and this crazy little "train." Walker's hat blew off while they were riding, so Wilson had to be sure to tell me all about it before it even stopped. (We did recover the hat. Thankfully.)

And we came home to supervise Curry finishing up on the final touches of the Welcome Home banner. Its a few days early, but who waits until Christmas Day to put up their tree????
This evening Barbie and I washed up the ol' Aztec while Logan watched the boys. Then I got my nails done. They better hold out until the big day...
Things are coming together. We appreciate your prayers for us, and for all the families that will soon be reunited.


  1. Isn't it amazing the things mommas will do when there is a pair of big brown eyes filled with tears looking at them? (Yeah, I've had some experience with this) You're such a good momma!!

    I'm SO excited for you guys - I know time is counting down til Brad comes home and you probably can hardly wait! Still praying for you often!

    That little "train" thing was awesome - I bet the boys loved it.

  2. Ohhh, the baby bird saga...I think all parents have gone through that little fiasco...but how great that itty bitty lasted through the night and managed to make to to the sanctuary. Yeah! Good job Mom!

    It's amazing how s l o w
    time can be when you are waiting for that moment!

  3. I must have gotten all those genes, huh? Remember the seagull in Fayette?

    I'm glad my nephew has a tender heart... he got it from Brad.

    Just kidding you're a softie too.
    Love ya,