15 June 2009


For real.

We are having just about the best time that a family can have. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we "reintegrate." Brad got back early Tuesday morning last week, I can't believe it hasn't even been a full week yet, to be honest. Our days have been full and our nights have been long, (don't be dirty, I have some sort of rotten chest-cough that has been interrupting sleep, and Walker has it too.) We ran errands, did laundry, ate meals together, and lounged around most of the week. Brad had to go to work for a bit on Friday as well. Walker had a hard time letting him go back after lunch, but was eager to see him come home. We checked out a few mini-vans too, still looking for the right one.

Then Saturday, we got the word that a large portion of the "Lutz Tribe" was going to be able to swing by on their way home from Bryan's graduation from Colorado State Police Academy. So we got to surprise the boys with the news that they were coming, and Wilson could not stop grinning all day. They got in late, late Saturday night, and we had a good time chatting for a few hours before deciding we had better get some rest. Then Saturday morning we headed out for a walk to the playground... Walker and Aunt Victoria shared the wagon...I had to snap a picture of the walk-in-progress (you know me). Some of the guys were still sleeping... They had some discussions about Army details and what-not. (L-R: Blake, Scottie, Ben)
Walker hanging with Uncle Scottie at the playground.Dad and Brad back at the house for some slip-n-slide entertainment...
I love this one of these two, they look so cute!
And Uncle Colson & Walker stop swimming for a quick shot.

I grabbed the camera for a few pics before they loaded up for yet another long leg of their road trip Sunday evening. No we weren't "picture ready", but they're all good-looking enough that it doesn't really matter =) This is "The Kids" minus David & Casey and Dan & Elizabeth.
And here is the visiting party with Brad. (Back Row, L-R: Walker, Scottie, Bryan, Brad, Blake, Mom, Tori, Dad, Brett. Front, L-R: Ben, Wils, Colson, Jacqueline and Brennan).

And finally, a shot of Dad and Mom with our family.

It was a whirlwind visit, that will not be forgotten. We were so blessed and thankful that they went out of their way to come by for a bit.

"Many, O Lord my God are the wonders you have done. The things you have planned for us no one can recount to you: were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare." Psalm 40:5

We are anticipating another fantastic week, and continue to appreciate all of your wonderful prayers for us. I will try to get better at blogging again, quite honestly, I didn't feel the need to pick up the camera from the day Brad got home until the day his family came to visit. I have noticed a big difference from R&R, in which I still felt the weight of the upcoming departure looming over us, and the urgency to record every moment. This time, all I feel is freedom. But, I know y'all still like to see our family pictures, so I will try to do better!!! ♥love♥


  1. I am so glad they all got to stop by. That was probably some much needed time together. Love Sandy

  2. Yes, I insist on at least a weekly blog entry. It's so weird not to be able to "check in" on you guys often.

    I'm glad you have freedom in your time together. God is SO good!

    It was so great that Brad's family got to see you guys! What a treat!

  3. Glad the gang got a chance to visit and I'm really happy you guys are just enjoying life....without the pressure....now Amanda and Walker....just get better!

  4. Okay, you are ready for Georgia if you are already saying... Y'ALL. I think I was married to Curry for at least three years before I started saying that.

    Looks like lots of fun at your house this weekend. I am so glad that Brad's family was able to visit....I am sure it meant the world to Brad.

    Logan kept waiting for you to call to come and swim on Sun. The doorbell rang about 8pm and she jumped up and said, "maybe that's miss amanda."

    Hope the air mattress held out for you. It may just be time to retire it.

    We have missed your blogging but we totally understand that you have more pressing issues.

    May God continue to bless you as you reintergrate and make more memories.

  5. we had such fun and the kids are still talking about it! WOW we miss you more than ever now!! Thanks for an amazing time.

  6. Now things are complete! It was neat to see the rest of the tribe in your pictures...It had been a while! Praising God for his blessings on your family!

  7. YAY for family visits!! And great pics as well! I don't think you had your eyes closed in any of them...you've been working on that, haven't you? LOL

    Well, as much as I miss the updates, I know you missed Brad MORE and so I can totally understand why you aren't posting quite as often... :)