28 April 2010

spatchcock much?

Now that I know how, I might do it more often... Mom signed Rene and I up for "Everyday Food." And nearly every month I find a couple fun things to try. When this month's issue came and I read "HOW-TO spatchcock a chicken." Well, let's just say I had to give it a try... and if I'm going to try something with a name like, "spatchcock" well, you better believe I am going to document it...The magazine had great pictures for how to actually do this thing called spatchcocking... which is basically cutting out the backbone & flattening the bird so it cooks more quickly (and maybe not more quickly, because it is at a much higher heat than normal - 500 degrees!) Julie, you would totally LOVE this, using your kitchen shears to cut up a whole bird!

There she is almost ready to go, with her thin lemon slices tucked inside the skin...
Add some quartered potatoes, an onion, a bit of olive oil & some s& p and she is good to go!
30 minutes later! Viola! (although she had to revisit the oven for a few more minutes cause she wasn't quite all the way done at this point... we had to throw our meat thermometer away because you couldn't read the print on it anymore... Can anyone recommend a good meat thermometer???)
I suggest you try to spatchcock soon. It seemed easier to rip all the extra meat off the bones, but that might just be because I was grinning about how well it turned out. (We had fish tacos the other day... no big grin on my face after that meal!)


  1. What happened with the fish tacos? Did you use tilapia or catfish? (I don't like either one!)

    Our meat thermo is the same way and it ticks me off. I'm going back to the good old fashion, non-battery-operated kind!

    Chicken looks great!!!

  2. YUM! I'm on my way...well, in a day or two anyway!

  3. last time it was below 70 here Dominicans pulled out sweaters, mittens, and I even saw a ski mask! No joke

  4. Hmm...I don't know Amanda...you know I have a hard time prepping a whole chicken and then being able to eat it.

    I DID get a laugh though, because when I clicked my name, the link just goes to my most recent post, which is the one with the duck eggs. I briefly thought, "Surely Amanda isn't suggesting I cook our duck, is she?" LOL!!!!

  5. Wow Amanda I am impressed! Looks great. (I am not sure about the fish tacos either - you are brave)

  6. Look our Betty Crocker... Amanda is in the kitchen!!! I have never spatchcocked... wonder if you can grill it once it's cut up???


    I don't even like the sound of fish tacos...there's something about eating something that's made into something else!!!!