30 May 2011

fun news

In case you didn't know, we went on a nice little getaway this weekend where we met up with David & Casey and stayed at a sweet log cabin near Asheville, NC... I promise to tell you all about it tomorrow (most likely)...

...but in the meantime, I just wanted to quickly tell you about a phone call we got on the way to Asheville (not THE phone call). It was Wilson's teacher, Mrs. Z. She was calling to let me know that Wilson's report card and awards were ready to be picked up in the office. And there was one other thing she had to tell me that she couldn't tell me on Monday when we picked Wilson up...

... she is moving on to 3rd grade - and bringing her class with her!!! How awesome is that? We were actually at Wal-Mart when she called and Brad couldn't for the life of him figure out who on earth I was talking to, or why I sounded so giddy! It was such a fun and unexpected blessing for us!

I told Wilson and he said, "I guess I don't have to pray about my 3rd grade teacher anymore!" He gets a big grin whenever we bring it up. He's pretty happy about this development.


  1. That's incredible! Hooray!!

  2. Awesome news!!!! My heart just about burst when I read about Wil praying for his 3rd grade teacher.... oh the heart you are cultivating in him!!!

  3. What an amazing gift for Wil to love his teacher so much. I know it is hard to have someone else care for our kids and it is such a blessing when that person LOVES our kids. You know he will be in good hands and you have peace. Great news that he'll ahve her again!

    Do you know how long your to be in Georgia?

  4. Whoo hooo for Mrs. Z!
    Good praying wilson!