27 October 2010

all sorts of misc. and also, some etc.

why not start with some cute?

this week at story time, the kids got to wear their costumes. they also decorated treat bags (itty bitty ones, very clever planning). then - get this- they got to trick-or-treat through the library! random library patrons (and also the regular story-time ladies) were handed buckets o'goodies to give to the preschoolers as they wandered around in their garb. fireman Walker was pretty thrilled about it. although the snow boots & plastic jacket were a little much in this weather! zoo-wee-mama!
I took a few more dresses to the gift shoppe on-post...
so far, I think I like the fabric ties the best...
these are Georgia bulldogs colors. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there are many Georgia bulldog fans around... everyone likes Auburn or Alabama around these parts. (I do have a little green and white dress in the works for a little state fan up north).

I sold another super hero cape today! Woohoo!

That was the good news.

Wilson has strep again. I was supposed to set up an appointment for both boys to get swabbed to see if one of them is a carrier. I did set up the appointment, however, Wilson wasn't feeling great over the weekend. Headache, cough, blah. (But we've had our windows open so we thought maybe it was all allergy-related.) They got swabbed on Monday anyway. Well, I got the call today that Wilson's culture was positive for strep. And since he has been presenting some symptoms we are treating him with an antibiotic. We are praying that we can get an appointment with his doctor (we've seen the PA the last three trips) and get a referral to an ENT.

Also, I knocked the mirror off of the van when I backed out the of the garage this evening. Not one of my finer moments. At first I thought I could just pop it back on (only the mirror came off, not the whole casing/arm thing what the heck is that thing called?). But on further examination I see that out of approx. eight plastic clip-in spots, 6 snapped. Oops.

Earlier in the week, Brad declared this "The Great Rip-Off Week." He may not have been as formal in his title, but you get the idea. We had three distinct incidents.

1) The PX had a crazy deal on a huge thing of Tide, we usually make our own powder soap, but we've been buying tide to wash our towels/sheets in. So we stopped at the PX, then went over to the commissary to get a couple things for dinner. I realized that I had $20 less bucks in my envelope than I should've. So we had to go back to the PX. We thought it might be turning into some really ridiculously expensive Tide! The cashier was still in her lane, I showed her my envelopes and explained that we had just been there. She looked apprehensively toward her drawer... we told her she could go ahead and count it if she needed to. She did. We waited. Wondered. And she came back and gave us our $20.

2) The other night while Brad was working I was busily cutting up satin for super-hero capes. When I laid out my satin, I realized the lady at JoAnn's cut one piece about 6 inches short. Oh dear. I took a picture with my phone, then kept cutting. I took in the short piece on Tuesday. The manager wasn't rude, but wasn't very clear about his policy. I mean, I knew there was no refund on cut-fabric. I also knew it was a long-shot to say, "See I took a picture with my phone, that piece was shorter." But I tried. And he ended up cutting me a new piece and only charging me the difference of it & the piece I brought back. I didn't realize until I re-told the story to Brad that I still got ripped off a little... but only by about 40 cents.

3) Then yesterday, we got a bill from the ambulance company in Flint (remember the little fender-bender and Wilson's sore soft tissues afterwards). The bill was for $502. It stated that our insurance company paid $192 and that we were responsible for the remaining $502. I didn't for one second think we had to pay that money. Brad immediately called our insurance company, then called the ambulance place. They tried to bully Brad at first, then he dropped the whole I'm-Active-Duty-military-and-I-had-a-son-Life-flighted-and-never-paid-a-dime-so-I-know-I-don't-owe-you-and-you-can-call-my-insurance-company-and-deal-directly-with-them-card and they backed it up. (because her daddy taught her good)

Truthfully, it was more like "The Great FAILED Rip-off Week."

except for the 40 cents.

and whatever that mirror ends up costing. ;)


  1. Sorry about your mirror...love the dresses!

  2. Wow...what stories we have to tell...ya done good on all accounts!

  3. YUP every now and then we have one of those weeks! not fun to deal with stuff like that but they do allow for us to show grace when grace isn't always warranted! (just something I'm learning) Love the little Fireman, what a CUTIE-PIE! I knew your capes would be a HUGE hit and those dresses. . . .ADORABLE (especially the MSU one soon to come)!!!!! you know they are 8-0!!

  4. I like those "long" cards that Brad pulls!

    I'm shocked by the amazing stuff you are making! They look beautiful!

    Are you coming up at Christmas?

  5. (because her daddy taught her good)

    still laughing!

    crazy week...cute dresses!