16 October 2010

weekend update

We had our third (and final!) Home Study appointment yesterday! And Brad's "missing" application has been found! Praise God! Yesterday we talked about losses in our lives and how we have handled them. We also talked about family traditions from our childhoods, and how they look now. And we got to talk about the boys...

...who chose to be Pirates yesterday afternoon... rather gruff, mean-looking pirates...... or maybe not-so-mean-looking....

So as we enjoy our little swashbucklers, we will wait for our family assessment to be written up. And then approved by a case worker. And then approved by her supervisor. And then approved by his supervisor. And then sent on to the State for approval. And then we wait for a child. All manner of variables exist along each step and how long it might take. The constant is that God is the one in control, and He is the One that sets the lonely in families. We will wait with great expectation.


  1. Arrrr...shiver me timbers!

  2. That first pirate was scary, but the second one seems as though he may not make you walk the plank! I think I played some pirate when I was there too....I'm waiting right along with you...can't wait to welcome another family member!