19 October 2010

rather than 5000 words...

...I thought I would upload some pictures.

Wilson got back on his bike. We took a long summer-break so he wouldn't have a heat injury. Its finally cooling off enough to go outside in the evenings. It wasn't a happy reunion between the boy and his bike. Hopefully a few more forced-rides is all it will take until he enjoys the freedom! Daddy was very patient at his end of the street...... as was Koka at our end of the street.
Yesterday the boys climbed all over the swingset while I made a mess inside... Walker got a "new" pair of cowboy boots from a neighbor! He's thrilled!
Barbie and I hit the flea market when we visited them, I found this glass dish (top) and Barbie gave me one of her Sundae dishes (bottom) and let me use some of her clear caulk. Well, truth be told, Brad is actually the one that did the caulking (would've been awesome if I had gotten that picture!) Its quite a darling treat stand, isn't it? Especially with that cutie in the background....
Oh. And this is a note from Walker to me. While Wilson was working on homework this evening, Walker also wanted to do "school." His own -unassigned-by-me- schoolwork. Except somewhere in the process he decided that he didn't actually want to do "school." So he wrote his teacher (me) a note to tell me that "he had the coughs" and he wouldn't be able to do anymore school work.

Its hard to tell in the "note" but that is Walker and the coughs are on his smile. Or at least that is the way it was explained to me. ;)


  1. I love reading your blog. It makes me feel like we're not so far away and maybe it hasn't been - what - just over a year since we saw your precious family. Love to you guys!

    {jealous of the boots & candy dish!}

  2. Great pictures, I also love to see pictures of your family and those cute boys. I should post some pics soon! Ari has a new camera so maybe I can get her to shoot some family pics to share.
    Also, what a cute idea with the dish on the sundae glass! I love stuff like that! How crafty!