13 October 2010

mischief of one kind

its the most boo-tastic time of year! So yesterday afternoon found us working on "boo" bags. I adore this picture of Walker because his cheeks look so big & babyish and darn it if he isn't wearing 5T pants now. Heavens the time goes fast... but back to the booing... I was maybe going to make felt bags for booing, but Wilson and I determined that our old-standby-brown-lunch-bags would be best... so we made pumpkins for them...and we found the best ever printables to go with them -- easy for the neighbors to join in if they want, without having to create their own -- and isn't that the point, so the whole neighborhood gets boo-ed?

Pre-mischief picture, they were so excited! They got to go out on their mission all by themselves (while we watched, of course)...
And here they go sneaking down the drive...
and down the sidewalk... they were so adorable to watch! Brad and I had so much fun watching them, wondering how loud they were being, and if anyone was bossing... ;)
...and a post-mischief picture as they are returning home after their second delivery. (The second delivery involved crossing the street, so Brad had to be the crossing guard).

If you haven't yet, you should really consider boo-ing someone! Its so much fun!


  1. Man, oh man, those two boys are stinking cute.

    Now, I gotta get my "boo" on in my hood.

  2. We'll have to do this this year. Haven't done it but once, a couple years ago. Fun times!

  3. We "boo" each year. However, most of our friend "neighbors" move out of our hood this year. :-(

  4. Could you please ask the boys if they would consider booing yaya? I am missing ALL my boys, and one of them lives here in Michigan....it is my own fault though! Please Boo yaya!

  5. I remember your Boo post last year. This is such a cute idea, and making memories!