25 October 2010

pumpkins for our punkins...

We went to the "farmer's" market downtown Saturday in hopes of finding some pumpkins. The market is actually just a bunch of vendors crammed along both sides of one sidewalk (not both sides of a street, both sides of ONE sidewalk). There were a few folks with some local produce, but for some reason none of them hauled big ol' pumpkins down there.

So then it was a toss-up. We had planned to go to the Southern Pirate Festival after finding our pumpkins. But with no pumpkins found we had to boil it down to choice a) Pumpkins from Wal-Mart and Pirate Festival or choice b) Pumpkin Patch. The boys picked the pumpkin patch! So we headed out.

It wasn't too far of a drive. And boy did I want to buy one or ten of these giant mums! Aren't they amazing? I am sure they would be dead in a few days at our house, so I just had the boys pose by them... Cheaper that way, too. The boys quickly picked out their pumpkins. This "patch" was kinda nice because you could truly just get pumpkins and go without paying bunches of money for other things. We didn't really want to spend the day with the pumpkin patch people.
And then they got to cleaning out the guts. Its been awhile since they've carved one with Daddy, I think we all had forgotten that he would smear pumpkin-guts on your face. Walker wasn't too pleased with it...
But he got over it pretty quickly. He planned his pumpkin's face to match Pumpkin Jack from one of his favorite Halloween books. Daddy helped with the carving.
And Wilson and Brad collaborated on this guy as well. Wilson was rather pleased with his finished Jack-O-Lantern.
And here they are on the front porch, waiting to greet trick-or-treaters (or to be smashed by hooligans). One of these days we might see about putting candles in them. Or not.
p.s. Brad was jumping behind me being silly, trying to get the boys to smile. Our shadows make it look like we were in some sort of victorious embrace though! ;)

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  1. I can't believe you all have been there one year already! Great pics & commentary. Love to check up on you!