26 October 2010

cub scout bowling...

the scout meeting this week was at the bowling alley. And thankfully, again, Walker got to be right in the action... with a little extra help (which was so nice because the last time we went bowling, Walker's ball stalled out halfway down the lane - more than once!)Here are the guys getting ready for the game to start...
and my favorite cub scout, with little scout right behind him.

It was a fun, simple time. After a very busy Monday, I wasn't looking forward to it (at all). But it turned out to be a really great time.


  1. He looks so grown up in his "scouting" uniform. It is wonderful that Walker is able to be involved, too. That makes life easier.

    We used the handicap rail with my daycare kids... makes everything better.

  2. Isn't it funny how those things we really are not that charged up about sometimes turn out to be so much fun, and how those things that we are gung ho for sometimes disappoint.....God really does know how to take care of us. My boys both look way too grown up...think I need to hop in the car for a long weekend....black friday? Rene....want to tag along?