12 October 2010

great weekend...with the Clements...

....not so great pictures...well,the pictures aren't necessarily bad, but I barely took any...

like I should've had Brad take a picture of Logan flat-ironing my hair; and surely we should've photographed the moment when Curry, Barbie, Brad and I discovered the cause of "The Seven Year Itch" in marriages; and why didn't we get any pictures of the piles of peanut shells lying around after devouring boiled peanuts? Maybe next time...

For now, here's a shot of Brad letting Walker "drive"... And Wilson (and Lo way in the background) on the four-wheelers...
and Wilson tailgating Daddy...
and our two brave October swimmers! none of the folks over 4 feet tall had swimwear with them (for good reason, that water was CHILLY!)
then back at the Clements for some driveway play... Barbie had a pack of sidewalk chalk/paint that Walker was begging to open ALL DAY LONG. He was a little bummed that it didn't live up to the 3D advertising hype, but I think he got over it...
can you believe these two driveway pics are the only pics I took of their new house? How ridiculous, but those boys sure are cute!

Clements, you are truly a blessing to our family. We love all y'all!

***funny sidenote: spell check highlights "should've" but not "y'all". Interesting, no?***


  1. you must be using a "southern" spell check.

    We love having you all....anytime.

    You bless us more than you know.

    Hugs to all!!!!!

  2. So what exactly is the cause of "The Seven Year Itch" in marriages??? Interesting.

    The Clements are the best in hospitality. Ever. Glad you could visit them.

    BTW, just found out I have an uncle about 40 miles from you.