28 October 2010

wanna see something nasty?

... now THAT is a scary jack-o-lantern...

... well, so is this one. yep, its been hot down here this week.
thankfully the cool front moved in this afternoon. Not in time to save our pumpkins, but what are you gonna do? apparently we carved them too soon! also, just to give you the full -gross- effect. When I moved these punks into trash bags, tons of flies flew out of their mouths! eew!

Wilson had a fairly good "sick" day today. We finished up his family tree project. He's pretty creative but likes things simple. We kind of forgot about it over the weekend and then had to spend a ton of time on it Tuesday night. He's proud of how it turned out (teacher requested we keep it to immediate family & grandparents... otherwise, Wilson could've had a super-ginormous family tree!)
The boys spent a good part of the day in their super-hero costumes. While I was taking pictures of them, Wilson struck this pose. I kinda love it. He said, "You can't hardly tell its me!"
I tried a little super-hero mask for Walker. I probably won't be making a lot of these. They are sort of fussy. But since Wilson had a Batman one, I thought I'd try one for Super Walker, too.
Wilson planned his Halloween costume shortly after I made him the Batman cape. He knew he was going to wear his Batman pj's with his cape. So simple! He even drew the shape that he wanted for his mask (I only adjusted it a smidge to make it symmetrical.) And he was SO happy to have thought it up himself. Today Walker was going back and forth between being Super Walker or a Fireman. Guess we'll find out Saturday. Anyone else trick-or-treating on Saturday instead of Sunday?
Muskoka is ticked at the idea of going to the Howl-O-Ween at the Dog Park tomorrow. I had some extra pink so I made a flimsy cape for her... one sided, pinking shears on the edge, nearly-no-sew. She hates it. And that little clip in her hair, she has tried to eat it twice. Thankfully the boys liked their super-hero accessories.


  1. Amanda, this is so cool. You are very creative and getting doing so well with your sewing! I love the pics of the boys!

  2. Hey Amanda,

    I wanted to send you an email but I can't find your email address anywhere. Could you email me? Mine is mrandmrsvines@hotmail.com.

    Alesha (Wilkins) Vines

  3. girl, if you don't stop that dog is going to think she isn't a dog!!! She is too cute. Maybe she should wear that the next time you come for a visit... I am sure it would send Duke over the edge.

    Your boys are handsome as usual. Tell Wilson that if I didn't know this was your blog I would never have known it was him.
    Hope he feels better soon. Hugs to you all.

  4. i love your boys & their silly faces!

    oh, we miss mussy, too!