07 October 2010

backin' up...

so a few weeks ago, I saw this on another blog... and because we are super mature, I showed it to Brad when he came home... (p.s. sorry about the language)

You really need to watch both videos... to get the full effect...

and now whenever we hear the phrase "back it up" (or something similar) we think of this lady and her little song. Actually it hadn't occurred to me until Brad whispered to me at the Cub Scout meeting Monday... and then every time this pack-leader-guy would tell the boys to "back it up"... well, you get the idea...

My hope is that in sharing this with you; you, too, will think of this lady when you hear the phrase "back it up." Let me know if it works!


  1. oh my gosh that is hilarious!

  2. I, seriously, almost choked laughing!

  3. oh, i needed a laugh today...but not the tears that came with it!!! oh my!!!

  4. That is good! I enjoyed that!