05 October 2010

fall family camp-out

We had a GREAT weekend with the cub scouts! We headed out Friday evening to the Camp Pine Mountain. We had no idea really, of what to expect. Sometimes that can be a good thing. ;) I think we all had a great time. Here are a few pictures (believe me, I left A LOT of them out!) Love this one of Brad and Wilson at the archery station...The great thing about it was that it truly was "family camp." Walker got to participate along with Wilson... shooting the bow was a thrill for him!
Next stop was the BB gun station. They told the boys all about the safety measures before letting them go shoot... parents could assist if they had "safety" glasses, Brad had to borrow mine ;)
Wilson with his target. Not bad for his first time shooting!
The boys all made little sailboats at the Crafts station, and then raced them. Here's the "W" coming into the finish...
Last night was a pack meeting, where the boys got to receive their bobcat badge. It was really exciting and high energy as the boys went down the alley to receive their new rank from their parents... (The other boys hit them with balloons as they walked through... the picture of Brad giving Wilson his rank didn't turn out very well...)
I thought for sure that Wilson would hate this part, but I guess this picture proves otherwise. This is after he got his rank and he's coming back to his seat (Brad and Walker are in the background).
They went outside after the ceremony to let the boys play a balloon-popping game...
and again, super family friendly, they let the siblings play too. Walker even has his cub scout sign up... Every time they would say "Signs Up!" Walker would shoot his little sign up in the air too...
And here's the little scout all decked out before his pack meeting last night. He has his camp-out patch on his left pocket. We bought his uniform yesterday and I sewed his patches on yesterday afternoon before the meeting. I have a new-found respect for people that sew patches on to uniforms. Wow, that was a little trickier than I thought it would be!

Overall, we are pretty excited that Wilson is in Cub Scouts. Yes, its a bigger time commitment than I expected, but so far it has been good. Brad and I were talking last night about how its a little like Awana. Of course, Wilson isn't memorizing scripture with Cub Scouts, but it is giving our family a chance to meet other families that we might not otherwise. We hope to be a blessing to those that we meet!


  1. He is too cute. I love the pic of him coming back from getting his badge. Glad to hear it is family friendly...what a great experience it has been for you all so far.

    Great pics, as usual!!!!

  2. How very exciting for Wilson and Walker will know so much when he gets old enough to join! I love the uniform, adorable! I bet he was so excited to wear it and with his new patches too! Isn't it just so cool how God opens doors for ministry?

  3. Sounds like you guys have a great, well organized pack! That is so fun. Cameron enjoyed the pictures with me. :)