17 November 2009

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...everywhere you go.

Maybe there's no snow, and maybe its not Thanksgiving yet, but thanks to marketing geniuses everywhere... you can't miss it. For some, this time of year brings a bit of tension. The joy of celebrating and the stress of buying. Choosing the right gift at the right price... Sometimes you find the right gift at the wrong price... or the right price only yields the wrong gift. You know? I don't believe that is the way God wants us to celebrate. Deep down, you don't believe it either. But somehow, those crazy-good-marketing-geniuses get to us. Every year.

Take a minute and watch this... please. If you don't have a minute (and 53 seconds) now, come back later and watch it... please!

I pray for wisdom as we make gift-giving decisions. I pray for a Christmas season that is enjoyable and pleasant; with treasured memories and lots of laughs.

I read a blog a week or two ago that had a Christmas list on it. I was inspired to make my own list, and I hope you find time to do it too. You can print it on pretty paper, or just jot it down in a place that you'll look at it often. Remind yourself of what is important; and don't get suckered by the ad campaigns... I think Satan likes it too much when we do.

But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people."
Luke 2:10
Experience victory this Christmas season, by celebrating freely! Do not be afraid!

p.s. here's my list...
1. Be thankful.
2. Enjoy the moments.
3. Connect with family; near and far.
4. Decorate simply and meaningfully.
5. Choose to be a blessing.
6. Sing Christmas carols with the boys.
7. Marvel at Christmas lights.
8. Give to strangers, the ones that need the most.
9. Bake lots of treats to give away.
10. Celebrate Jesus. All of His gifts, His great love.
11. Treasure time together.
12. Drink hot cocoa. With whip cream on top.
13. Give gifts that build relationships.
14. Give a few secret gifts.
15. Encourage others to make their own list.


  1. I saw a video quite similiar to that last season too,very thought-provoking and puts things into perspective! We are loving our Christmas music and are blessed to have a comcast channel playing 24/7 as well as a radio channel too! the kids are loving it as much as me!

  2. Amanda-
    I love your heart for Jesus. :)

  3. I used your words. I hope that doesn't break any copy write rules :-)

    The same thing has been on my heart for years. Each year, we make changes that allow for a more relaxed time. I LOVE IT! I only have 3 gifts that I have to brave stores to buy...maybe I'll just do those online! :-)

    Enjoy the Season!

  4. That is an awesome video. I'm glad you shared it and your beautiful heart.