04 November 2009

soup's on!

Remember last year, when we had our "joy" jars out? Well, tonight we officially kicked off our 09 Joy Campaign =) Every time that we have soup for dinner, we'll add money to our JOY jars. Then any money that we collect, we will give to World Vision. Eating soup for dinner is a bit cheaper than an average meal, so the money saved will go in the jars. It helps the boys (and us) connect giving to sacrificing. We'll have soup a few times a week through mid-December. (an added bonus, is that most soups are super easy to cook, so it takes a bit of pressure off during an often busy time of year!) Here are the guys adding some change to the jars, while Brad is looking through the catalog. It was sweet tonight because I explained to the boys that I didn't have any cash in my grocery envelope to add to the jars, because of just moving... but that I would add it later, once we get the envelopes back on track. Wilson piped up,"I have some money to give!" And he ran and got his little old piggy bank. I think both Brad and I had tears in our eyes.
We looked through the gift catalog and talked about what kinds of things we might like to spend on our money on this year. It was cute to hear their ideas...

and on an unrelated note... Brad has been busily hanging things around the house this week... and you can see the pilgrims replaced the Jack-O-Lanterns on the top of the hutch...


  1. I love it when little ones "get it"
    truly makes my heart smile! You two are doing a great job! :)

  2. I love your "soup" days!
    I was just looking at Walker on his tip toes in the first picture and thinking about when he was wandering around that table and couldn't get his head above it on his tip toes....growing growing growing!

    Really miss you guys...keep up the great work for God and country...Love you!

  3. I stumbled on your blog through another blog and so on and so on. I have followed your blog for awhile, and I just wanted to finally comment. You are a saint, and you're family is dear.

  4. I agree with Reality Therapist!!! You have incredible ideas and it is proven when the little(big) one says that he will get his money to share... makes your heart glad I am sure. Not only are you blessing others; you are starting family traditions and you are raising Godly young men.
    Love the wall. Can't wait to see it in person(okay so it will be a few more months....).

  5. I love that photo of Brad and one of the boys and the entire collage on the wall... it's fabulous!

  6. you should post some soup recipes...