21 November 2008

a little catch-up

I finally bought batteries for the camera yesterday... I haven't quite gotten into the hang of taking pictures again =) Maybe by next week...

I started this post last night but was happily interrupted by an email from Brad. So we got to chat instead. Very nice way to end a long week!

Here are a couple shots of the boys being sucked into the marketing of Christmas... (I love Wilson's toes in this picture)
It was almost TOO exciting for Walker to take it all in!
Remember when I said we had soup for dinner earlier in the week??? Then I said "more on that later," but then this week actually had a whole lot of twists and turns in which I was pretty busy so I never actually got to the "more on that later" part... Ok, well here it is... We are trying to save up some money to donate this Christmas for World Vision. They have a gift catalog with all kinds of things you can select to donate, and its great because the kids can look through it and ask questions - we have had some great conversations... Anyway, we went through the toy box & closets and have sold some things at the post thrift store to add to our jars. And every time we eat soup we will add $$$ to our jars as well (from our grocery $$$ envelope). I thought this would be a good way to start teaching the boys about giving and also a little about sacrifice. When I make a crock-pot of soup, it turns into three meals for the boys & I so we have a few different kinds of soup in the freezer waiting on us...

My friend, Jenn, had given me the letters & the snowflake a long, long time ago and I finally attached them to some of grandma's old tomato jars (she didn't want those back did she?). Wilson said, "Maybe whenever anyone comes over they will want to put money in our jars..."

Oh, and this shot... just for the smile of it...
Walker + purple crayon + bathroom sink = smiles all around

thankfully the "washable" Crayola crayons really are...


  1. you always come up with some of the most awesome ideas! the kids are adorable! thanks, again, for keeping us up-to-date on the happenings at another Lutz home! We love you guys and miss you bunches!!!!!!!!

  2. You're such a great Mom, Amanda! Really, you are. Such creative ideas!!!

  3. I was wondering if you guys had run off or something! A long time with no posts! Glad you survived the week and even got to talk to Brad. Love your JOY!

  4. I love the "Joy" jars, that's what I'm going to call them! They will bring joy to your family and more...great thoughts and I like the catalog idea it makes it alot easier for the little guys. Love you, really wish I was headed your way this week, but I'm afraid its just too busy at work. Keep up the great work kiddo!