15 September 2010

a {RIDICULOUS} bargain

ok seriously... this is just like a makeover show, you know, when they give someone a new outfit, but in the before picture her hair is wet & she isn't wearing any make-up... and after, well, not only does the outfit look good, so does the hair & make-up. You know what I am talking about right? Well this is like that, because Wilson's room was a bit of a mess in his before {bargain} picture...and TWENTY-FIVE CENTS later.... How awesome of a deal is that? I'm just not usually the one that finds the bargains that are this good. I had wanted to get Wilson a bed skirt for quite some time, but I never wanted to risk it not matching... (and heaven knows I wouldn't remember to bring a pillowcase with me or anything like that). Well, for a QUARTER, I took the risk today. So happy (Wilson thinks its a bit too ruffly, I told him he can hide whatever he wants under his bed and nobody will know). (And for those of you that don't miss a thing, yes, that is a gun case under Wilson's bed... it now holds Nerf guns rather than actual guns. Brad had to get a new gun case so that when we have our home study we don't get busted for not having things secured properly).
And I am doing a little giveway {little}... TEN CENTS to the person that can guess what I made out of this ladies 2x tshirt today. Here's a hint, its something for me...
and I took a picture of the capes today...
I'm thinking of taking some orders. So I made a few "extra" samples for a couple little people that I love because they are quite super too. And really aren't all the little people in your life, SUPER, and wouldn't they love their very own customized, reversible super hero cape? We'll see. I'll get you the details once I decide if I am taking orders or not.

Still undecided about the garage sale. {in two days}


  1. Yeah, is that a J I see?
    Do you think a 2-year old would like one? or is it better if they are a little older?

    So excited.

  2. okay, I am going to guess it's a skirt for you. I am loving this "refashioning".

    How much are you selling the capes for? I think I may know a certain little boy here that would love one and I need a Christmas present.

    Love the great bargains!!!!

  3. They capes are awesome can I put in an order for one?
    Dominic would love it!!
    He missed walker also!