19 October 2008

another free event...

...brought to us by the local lumberyard. The boy scouts were giving away free hot dogs and soda (for donations), and the parking lot had a bunch of inflatables and old-fashioned games. Plus some animals to pet, and a long-horn cow to ride...but neither of my cowboys wanted to give that a try... We went with Nicole and Gavin yesterday, and gave Grandma & Grandpa a short rest from the crazies =)
Here is big man on a bounce-house-slide... And powering away at the Frog Flip (love that face!)
Walker petting a goat - right after he finished a Tootsie Pop. Lovely! (Thankfully they had a table with hand sanitizer set up! That grosses me out, and I could see goat hair on his sticky little fingers --- EWWWW!)
And Walker showing off his soda. Those boy scouts weren't messing around with the free soda - no Shasta here!
Of course, Wilson had to get in another game of Trouble with Grandpa before bed. (Secretly, I bet they are both a little happy that he is going to school tomorrow so they can take a break from all the games and puzzles. He isn't even watching his TV quota! Games, games, games!)
Tomorrow Walker is scheduled for his pre-op appointment and then I will find out what time the surgery is scheduled for on Tuesday... Also, Brad goes back to the daily grind tomorrow. (Well, technically that happens tonight... oh the time change!)


  1. What an awesome deal! Love the free stuff! Let us know how the pre-op appt goes!

  2. Gotta love those free events! You are definitely blessed to have so many there! Looks like it was a beautiful day too! We had a beautiful weekend, on the cool side, thats ok, but it was sunny and the color was in all its splendor!

  3. I wish I were there playing games with Wilson. The last time we played the marble game, he was so serious and intense.The best part is he doesn't cheat, he must have got that from Brad. Love Meme

  4. Gotta hand it to Sutherlands and the Boys Scouts... they sure can throw a party. Walker sure loves his soda. Take advantage of the things to do in Lawton. HA HA.