20 October 2008

little walker j

oh, our little man, he isn't so little anymore...
He was twisting the swings around this afternoon, and just giggling his little head off! His giggle is incredibly contagious, and has gotten him out of many sticky situations!And besides that, he cracks himself up too... and people that are always laughing are so fun to be around!
Until you ask them to look at the camera for a picture! He gives me THAT look! How could I insult his insatiable appetitie for activity by asking him to stand still???
But of all the pics I clicked today - this one captures our little Big man best... His {crazy} eyes tell the story - he is ALWAYS formulating his next move. Big plans, big dreams, this one, I just know it!
We are going to the hospital at 0630 (zero six-thirty means 6:30 am) to get those pesky giant tonsils out and his big ol' adenoids too. We appreciate your prayers for a flawless surgery and speedy recovery.

Also, please pray for Big Wil. He is having a bit of a hard time with this, and even said tonight, "This is the first time I've ever spent the night without someone from my family." Ok, that statement is untrue from every angle; which is telling because he is a kid that adores accuracy. I am sure he is a bit more apprehensive because Daddy just left last week (seriously, feels like 3 weeks already - and not in a time-flies-when-you-are-having-fun kind of way). I know Grandma & Grandpa will take great care of him - and cater to his every need even better than I do (ok, that should probably say his every want), nonetheless, I would appreciate prayers on his behalf as well.

And OF COURSE, Brad is a few thousand miles away and this is difficult for him. Thank you in advance for your prayers for peace and confidence for him!

Did I mention that I love you all and appreciate the fact that you pray for us?? I do.


  1. It won't be long before this is behind you and we see his giggly self return. Thank God they don't remember this stuff long!!! Love ya!

  2. You know we are praying, already have prayed and will pray! Hopefully someone is going to the hospital with you so you aren't alone during the process???? Let us know asap how all turns out!

    Walker reminds me so much of Colson, even his precious little looks! He's adorable! love the pictures.

  3. Gotta love those little sweeties!!

    Praying for peace for all of your family this morning, and for a quick recovery for Walker!

    Big Willie is such a sweet big brother.

  4. Praying for sure and for certain. I am so thankful that you have family in to visit.

    Thankful also for the safe travels for both the grandparents and for the husband.

    I have to agree with Cindy, I, too, thought I was looking at a little Colson twin. It never really struck me how much they resembled each other until seeing those pics!

    Praying that the boys will transition back into the routine again and that you will stay encouraged.

  5. He's lost all of his baby look, what a handsome little boy and happy! Love Sandy

  6. Oh and by the way, Walker looks so much like your baby pictures it's weird. Sandy