02 October 2008

rumor has it...

...some friends have been checking the ol' blog frequently to see what is going on over here. So I found the pictures from yesterday... Brad had already uploaded them to the computer.

He and Walker picked Wil up from school so I could finish up some of my PWOC responsibilities.

Here is a family walk to the park. You know how I am about those walking pictures... And the big race down the slide...
A moment watching Wilson from the bench
Reading one of Wil's new books from Scholastic (such a great way to help your child's teacher earn stuff for their classroom... but that is another post... sometime after R&R I am sure!)
And, I just wanted to let you know the obsession lives on. Brad bought Walker some new sun glasses AND found the little Dr. Suess backpack in the garage. They have been on-or-next-to Walker ever since. This was the other morning before we took Wil to school... (The guys just got home and Brad said, "For the past 40 minutes all I have heard about is sunglasses, because we forgot them...)
The boys are enjoying their time with Daddy immensely. Walker wraps his little hands around Brad's neck every chance he gets... tonight is movie night, tomorrow is camp-out, Saturday is date night... Fireproof!

For those of you local, we ARE planning on making an appearance at Cameron this Sunday. Does the excitement never end????


  1. Yeah, I knew if I checked back enough someone would cave and update the page, although, I wasn't expecting it I was just hoping! Love to see you with the boys Brad!

  2. love the pics... thanks for sharing your hubby with us. Looks like you are all enjoying your time together. I know many will be happy to see you all at Cameron.

  3. GREAT pictures! I am sure its a constant hug-snuggle-fest around your house! Glad you are enjoying some great sunny days!

  4. I'm so glad you are having a good visit and are able to spend so much time doing fun stuff together!

    Love you guys!!

  5. Thanks for sharing...so happy for this time for your family! Side note: I will have time on the 12th to take pictures if that works in your day. I'll have my camera so it can be a last minute decision if need be!