28 October 2008

God is good...

...all the time.
Here's the big super trooper with his 'dinner,' vanilla honey bee ice cream. And this is the Big Brother of the Year.
Many of you know, we ended up taking a late-night trip to the ER last night. Walker woke up about 11pm. I heard him in the hallway, and when I opened my door, there he stood with blood all over his chin and in his hands. You can imagine my response. Borderline hysteria. He had a good amount of blood on his pj top and on his blankie as well.

I won't include all the details (mainly because Walker is sleeping in my room tonight and he will not go to sleep until I turn every light off in the house). Barbie met me at the hospital and Wilson went to Nicole's house... we were in and out of the ER in about an hour. They decided that he bled because part of the scabbing came off one side of his throat. He wasn't actively bleeding at the time that they checked his throat. So they sent us home.

He had another rough day today, although I think it was a bit better than yesterday. His ENT called today and told me that we did the right thing. And let me know that IF there is a going to be a bleeding problem now is usually the time it would start. She confirmed that it is common to do very well and then decline for a few days. So, I know what to watch for and I am keeping a close eye on him (needless to say.) She also told me that she often advises parents not to look in their kids' throats because it is so "nasty." No joke. And ewww.

Wilson has been so helpful through this, even with getting his sleep disrupted last night. I know these have been some hard days for him too.

What a scary hour last night. And what a reminder of how truly blessed we are. Beyond measure. Beyond words.

"I sought the Lord, and he answered me; He delivered me from all my fears."
Psalm 34:4


  1. I am so thankful that you have such good friends in your area that can help when these little emergencies arise. Praying still for healing...

  2. Love you hon, and remember, I'm only 20 hours away! Give or take a few....

  3. So thankful that Walker is fine. . . whew I know that had to be a tough situation to walk through! so glad you have "awesome" friends to help too! What a gift and a blessing

  4. Oh Amanda! What a blessing it is for you to have such good friends to help you when scary stuff happens! My heart just sank when I thought of how poor Walker must have felt (I know my kids, if they have the tiniest bit of blood freak out...and his ordeal was quite a bit more traumatic).

    Praying for Walker to have passed the "downturn" and that he is now back on the "upswing" and feeling his normal self very, very soon.

    And tell Big Willie that he is doing such a great job as a big brother and to keep up the good work! What a sweet, tender hearted boy.

  5. Wilson, you are such a good big brother, the best! I love that shirt. Love Meme