25 October 2008

its the great pumpkin weekend, charlie brown

Friday evening started with Pumpkin Smoothies... Wilson REFUSED to try them, and Walker liked any of it that had whipped cream with it. They were just so-so. We won't try them again... For dinner we had pumpkin pancakes, and even Wilson liked them - he ate 3! Wilson wished we could freeze the leftovers for when Daddy comes home... (We had the leftovers for breakfast, I told him I could make more for Daddy). After dinner we got some treats together and printed off some Boo poems and signs! So fun! Really, you should do this in your neighborhood... you can go to this website to get printable "BOO" signs and the poem. Wilson is getting so fast and bold with his delivery!Today we went out to a little pumpkin patch with Nicole and Gavin. It was a pretty small-scale pumpkin patch, but the boys had a blast...There were little pedal tractors - of course, there were only 2 tractors and we had three boys, so there were a few squirmishes...
Wilson even got a roping lesson...
Later that same day... Dale Jr and his sidekick Crazy Eyes - the new sheriff - rolled into town. (Is it just me, or is there a picture somewhere of me with that same exact look on my face???)
They had a "Pumpkin Glo" on post tonight. All the classes from the 2 on-post elementary schools entered a Jack-O-Lantern and they had them all lit up outside the library. We met Nicole and Gavin again for some fun! Spiderman spooked the new sheriff a bit...

Here is Wilson with his class' pumpkin. I asked him if I could call him "Dale" for the rest of the week, but he emphatically declined. Maybe tomorrow I'll ask him if I can call him "Junior."
Here are the boys watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." From the looks of it, that hat weighs 10 gallons...

And, I just thought they looked cute from behind...

As you can tell, Walker is recovering at an awesome pace! Grandpa & Grandma left yesterday and called today to tell us they made it home safely. It was such a blessing to have them here - not only for the surgery, but also during the good-byes.
I am not ready to put Walker in the care of anyone else yet, so we will not be going to church tomorrow. We have more pumpkin on the agenda tomorrow though - we gotta do some carving!


  1. their costumes are adorable! just little cuties. I love the pumpking glo idea. How awesome and then to play the Charlie Brown movie too! looks like you had a great day!

  2. What a fantastic blog! I loved every one of those pictures. It is hard to believe that the boys are growing so fast. Glad to see that you are all having fun and adjusting. Biggie hugs!

  3. Walker that is an awesome costume! I dressed up just like that when i was little and even have a picture of it.. Wow, its amazing at how much ya look like me little guy! Although that could be a scary thing too! just kidding... Your a cute little bugger. I will have to find that picture and show you it! Wilson, Sweet race car driver costume! You should get your mom to get you a go kart and race around base in it! hahaha it would be alot of fun! maybe even a helmet to match! Miss ya guys!

  4. I love it... the costumes are great. I can't wait to try pumpkin pancakes. We still have to get our BOOs out... we are waaaay behind this year.
    PS... Curry put the video on our blog not me.

  5. What great pictures!

    I made pumpkin chocolate muffins once, and the kids ate them right up, but I didn't like them. (I should probably make them like that more often, maybe then I wouldn't want to eat them.)

    Walker's hat was AWESOME! And Big Willie makes an impressive "Jr".

  6. LOVE IT! We ate pumpkin pancakes last week. Yum. Now I see what you mean about all the pumpkin! I've got a cookie recipe for you. Love the picture of Dale Jr and his sidekick Crazy Eyes - the new sheriff! We're not T-or-T'ing this year because I'm afraid the costumes would scare Cam too bad! Glad you are doing well!