07 October 2008

what a weekend...

...it started Friday when we let Wil "skip" school. We headed to the newest Donut Shop in town while in our PJ's... and sunglasses...it has a walk-up window to pick out what you wantyum, we ♥ our donuts!Friday night was the BIG camp-out. Wil and Daddy set up the BIG tent... Walker was excited to get out there...Here we are, ready for the BIG night!and here is a picture of one of the BIG problems. Big girl wouldn't settle down, startled by every little sound outside the tent (and it was windy...)We tried to make the best of it... but we only lasted outside until 10:30pm.Saturday was date night for us. We went to see the movie Fireproof. It was excellent. Go see it. The boys spent the night at the Clements house. Funny how romantic your own home can be when the kiddos are gone =)

Sunday was our big trip to OKC. We stopped by our hotel to check in and then headed downtown. We went by the OKC Memorial before we went to dinner... It was beautiful and somber...You can see the chairs behind us that represent those that lost their lives in the bombing in 1995. We walked up to one of the little chairs for one of the children that died. It takes your breath away, really. And makes me cherish each moment we have together.Afterwards, we ate at IHOP in Bricktown (still part of OKC). Then walked around the Riverwalk (or whatever its called).
Our friends, Jenn, JC, Brendan & Cam met us for ice cream at Sonic. (And I talked Jenn into snapping some family pics, because she's good at that kind of thing...)
Here are the boys snuggled into their KING size bed. So cute!

Ok, that last picture was little out-of-order. Our MAIN reason for heading up to the City was to go to a diner Monday on Rte. 66 called Pops. (Jenn & JC told us about it). Wilson has had a mild obsession for all-things-Route-66 since the movie Cars came out. So after our ice cream Brad thought we should drive out towards Pops because he remembered that the big bottle had neon lights at night. It was worth the drive! Those boys would've thought we bought them the Diner! Wilson said, "This is the sweetest EVER" at least 25 times... which led Walker to say "sweetest ever" at least another 25 times. Y'all - its the LITTLE things!
Here are our evening selections of soda from Sunday night. Hmmm... sorta Michigan-y, huh?And here is Pops by day. A little cloudy...Wilson thought he was SO COOL when Daddy let him pump the gas.And we HAD to drive up to another attraction on Route 66. It was a round barn. Sorry, for some reason I didn't include a picture of the attraction, just the cuties that went to see it =)And we ended the long weekend on a high note with Smores leftover from our BIG campout. Walker was pretty impressed (as was I, they are one of my favs...)Brad just got back from his run in enough time to get Wilson off the bus. THANK YOU for all of your prayers. Our time has been sweet and cherished and memorable!

Tomorrow we take Walker to the ENT to get his BIG tonsils looked at. If you think of it, we would appreciate prayers for wisdom.

Also, we are going to celebrate our birthdays tomorrow night with a cake decorated by LOGAN! And Wilson's FAVORITE meal, meatloaf! Wow... we are fancy folks...


  1. What an eventful weekend... I love all of the pics. Looks like we're going to have to make a trip to Pops.
    We haven't been to the OKC memorial... maybe we'll see it, too before we say goodbye to Oklahoma.
    I am glad that you all are having such fun and enjoying your time together.
    May God continue to bless you all.

  2. YAY for you! So glad you've been having a blessed time together!

  3. What wonderful memories you have created and imprinted into your lives! The pictures capture how much you love each other completely! Thanks for sharing your special family moments!

  4. All I can say is I love you guys and it fills me to see you togehter. It is not good for man to be alone....or wives and sons! I pray your sense of mission will continue to be the driving force in your lives, that you all will embrace it as well as a compassion for those who God has called you to serve and may never understand. May His humility be yours and His grace and blessings abundant. Love Dad

  5. It looks like a good time was had by all! Love Dad and Sandy

  6. Sounds like your family is having a fantastic time, making great memories! I love reading all about them!

  7. Whoa...so much great stuff all in one post = )

    That is one HUGE tent. Not exactly Pilrimage style, lol.

    The pictures are all so great. Its so nice to see you all enjoying your time together!!

  8. love sharing some memories with you all...they are such precious pics! i'm sure your heart was blessed.